The Date Night Loving Kelley

I’ve been ready Kelsey’s family blog, Words of Williams.  And I have absolutely loved how open and honest her and her husband are about their relationship.  Did you know that marriage actually takes WORK?!  It’s true!

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being married and Josh and I are both really happy with our relationship, but I want it to stay that way, and THAT is the part that I know is going to take lots of love, prayer, and work. So, I decided to take a page from Kelsey’s book and start up a weekly date night.  The hubs and I will switch off planning it each week, and the spending limit will be $10 a week… Because, well we’re no Rockefeller, and besides, having the spending limit is making us more creative.  For example, here is the first date night I planned.

I based the whole night on a fun idea I found for a bookstore date.  My husband is a TOTAL bookworm, so it was a perfect way to have a fun date night that also showed that I cared about his interests.

A few hours before it was time for our date, I delivered this to my husband.

This alone was pretty exciting.  “Treats and fun times?”, he asked.  He was pretty curious about what we would be doing.  Because of the spending limit, I used some coupons to buy some Simply Lemonade, Simply Orange Juice (we LOVE these juices), and a couple of different types of candy (Can you really call it a date night if there is no candy?  I think not.).  I ended up spending only $1.10 after the coupons!  Then I baked up some yummy muffins using this recipe, but I added a few chocolate chips to make them extra special.  I packed the treats in my purse (without letting the hubs see them because surprises are fun), and we headed to the bookstore.

When we got there I handed hubs his copy of the “Bookstore Date Challenge”.  The challenge included things such as Find a Joke to Tell Your Date, Share a Book You Enjoyed as a Child, Find a Place You Would Like to Travel to Together, and more.  We split up and went around the store completing one part of the challenge at a time.  After each section we would meet up and talk about what we found.  I really liked getting to talk with him about things like books we read growing up, places we want to travel to, and more.

Find a recipe you would like to make together…                         Find a book you enjoyed as a child…

After that we grabbed a seat in the bookstore coffee shop.  I handed my husband a pencil and crossword puzzle that I created online (Then he told me he wanted a pen, cause he doesn’t make mistakes… HA!).

The puzzle was full of questions about our lives, things that happened when we were dating, and our inside jokes.  He got a kick out of doing a crossword puzzle about his life, and I got a kick out of watching him struggle with a few of the answers.

While we did the puzzle I pulled out the treats.  And we munched away while laughing at all of the silly memories that the crossword puzzle brought up.

Overall, I think it was a really GREAT night.  We didn’t sit around asking each other, “What do YOU want to do?”, we got to really have fun and talk, and we spent less than $2 in the process.  I want to send a great big THANK YOU shout out to Kelsey for suggesting weekly date nights!  It is definitely a tradition that we are going to make it a priority to stick with!

-The Date Night Loving Kelley


10 thoughts on “The Date Night Loving Kelley

  1. Kelley this is amazing and so so so so sweet and special. What a great night and a fun way to spend time with each other. So much more meaningful than dropping lots of money on a good meal and movie or something.

    I need to do this!! It seems like a great way to reconnect after a long work-week. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea! I absolutely loved it… so fun and thoughtful and you spent so little! I just started reading Kelsey’s blog Snappy Casual, but I didn’t realize she wrote another one. Adding it to my bookmarks now!

  3. This is such a great idea. I’ll keep this sort of thing in mind even though we are not married yet because boyfriend and I are on a Financial diet. And we frequently spend way to much on eating out. This is a much cheaper sweeter way to spend time together.

  4. This is the best. date idea. ever. So cute and creative and gets you to really spend time with each other rather than just being in the same vicinity like you would going to a movie. Plus it’s practically free!

  5. Kelley, this is such a great idea! I may have to steal it 🙂 Marriage is hard work.. Gah, I know for a fact, it is! and it’s the small things, the fun moments that really make it work 🙂

  6. This is so cute! And how sweet of you to spend the time in planning it. My husband and I sometimes go on dates to Barnes & Noble to browse books & have coffee – it’s always a nice, quiet, and inexpensive (though not as frugal as yours – totally impressed!) way to spend time together.

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