The Magic Jean Wearing Kelley

Top: Gap Pants: Thrifted (American Eagle)  Belt: Thrifted Necklace: Forever 21   Shoes: Forever 21

First please let me say thank you for the response on yesterday’s post (All of my posts for that matter!).  Isn’t it weird how I NEVER wear those pants and apparently most of you guys thought they looked great in that outfit?!  I guess this closet misfit thing is really a great idea!

I thought I threw these jeans away a long time ago. So, you can imagine that I was quite surprised when I found them sitting at the bottom of my jean pile.  I had a few things to say to these jeans, such as, “Hello old high school friend” and “What are you still doing in here?” To which the jeans responded, “I am magic, don’t you remember?”  At first I thought these jeans were telling a big fat fib.  Then I tried them on…

It all came rushing back to me.  Ohhh… Magic jeans!  This is why I kept them for so long. They are the most comfortable pants I have ever placed on the lower half of my body (I guess that means the sweatpants I like to wear around my head are still in the running for most comfortable pants I have placed on my body as a whole…?).

Suddenly I remembered that after I found these jeans at Goodwill I even ran to American Eagle to buy more of the same pair.  I tried on the exact same jeans, and a size up, and a size down.  It was no good.  These were magical jeans and there was no replacing them with a mere forgery.

They might not be super fashionable, they definitely have a huge hole in the knee, and when I hold them up to the light the denim in the derriere area just may be a bit translucent… But I can’t help it.  I am back under their spell.  So unless they completely fall apart (or my husband throws them in the trash while I am not looking), I think that these jeans are a closet misfit that I shall keep… meaning you may see more of them .  My apologies.

-The Magic Jean Wearing Kelley

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6 thoughts on “The Magic Jean Wearing Kelley

  1. Um… you can’t get rid of magic jeans. They have to stay in your closet forever. Even if they tear and you have to try to repair them. Also this set of photos is super cute. Stepping out of the backyard is really working for you!

  2. Just found you bloggy-blog and have to say you have some darn fine style girl. I too love the look and fit of yesterdays pants and how you have them styled. Thats why we have fashion blogs I suppose, a group of like minded eyes helping us figure out what works.

  3. Love comfy jeans! And it sounds like they maybe could be cast in “sisterhood of the traveling pants part 3” (yes i’ve seen the first 2 and i love them… shhh). Definitely don’t get rid of magic pants.

    I really like the background of these photos, love the second to last photo 🙂

  4. No matter how thin or riddled with holes they become you can never throw away a pair of magical jeans. Magic jeans only come along once in a while and are a must in every wardrobe. I love the simple clean look to this outfit. The pop of color you added with your beautiful necklace is spot on!

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