The Broad Side of Kelley

Dress: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted Necklaces: Target/Gift   Shoes: Thrifted

So, here is a misfit that I REALLY need your help with!  This dress.  I was a little tentative about posting this, but then I figured you guys won’t judge me.  I’m right, right?

So, the dress. You know the story.  I saw it, loved it, bought it, and then NEVER wore it… Don’t you just hate that?!  Every time I buy an item of clothing I ask myself, “Are you REALLY going to wear this? Do you see any tiny flaws in it?  Because when you get home those flaws will somehow balloon up to a size so insurmountable that you will NEVER be able to put this on and wear it in public.”

I ask myself these things every time, but somehow I still end up with clothes that I never wear.  So, what tiny flaw did I miss in the dressing room on the day I bought this dress?  The fact that it makes me look about twice as wide as I really am.  I’m not crazy right?  I mean with a straight on view of me in this dress I’m pretty sure you could throw something at me and hit me dead on, even if you are traditionally known for missing the broad side of a barn.

I don’t know what it is, maybe the shape of the top part of the dress?  All I know is that my husband has been NO help when it comes to giving me a truthful answer… and that can’t be a good sign…  So, it’s up to you guys.  In all honesty, should this dress stay or go?

-The Broad Side of Kelley


36 thoughts on “The Broad Side of Kelley

  1. I’m not sure what mirror you’re looking in. I think this dress looks great on you! Plus the deeper colors would probably lend to easy fall transitioning with tights and a cardigan. I vote keep!

  2. I actually like the dress, the pattern is amazing..maybe just always stand at an angle when you wear it? Haha.

    I also almost bought shoes just like that at a garage sale once…wishing I had now.

    • Oh my goodness Lydia I actually tried that…. Yea, you were probably just joking huh? But seriously, I went to a friends house while wearing this and when I knocked on the door I suddenly remembered what I was wearing, got self-conscious and angled my body to the side before she opened the door… Yikes! That is how bad this dress is. If only I could live life at and angle (Wow, that sounds way more deep than I mean it to be ha!).

  3. The color really looks great on you. the skirt is great on you too. Love the pleats. I can see the sleeves do that weird thing that I don’t like on me where they kind of taper out at the top. Have you tried throwing a cardigan or something on top to see if you like it better?

  4. I have to say I really like it! I love the colors and the cut! What about with a cardigan? Truly though, if you feel that uncomfortable then let it go…doesn’t matte what I nk about it if it makes you uncomfortable to wear!!!!!
    P.s. Now following…why had I not seen your blog before???!!!

    • Doy! Why didn’t I think of a cardigan?! Sometimes you get so overwhelmed by the negative that you can’t see a simple solution staring you in the face. I have to go try that right now! I’d have to wait to wear it like that until it cools down a little, but it’s a great idea! Thanks!

  5. I’m going to be the “bad guy” here and agree with you that there is just something off with the dress. Don’t get me wrong the color looks great on you it’s just the weird cut of the dress maybe? what if you turned it into a blouse because the colors do look great!

    • You are SOOO not the bad guy! I am so happy that you were honest, it makes me feel like I can really trust you guys to tell me the truth 🙂 And I’m taking it to mean there is something wrong with the dress, not me, which doesn’t offend me one bit. I wish I had the skills to turn it into a blouse.

  6. Are you at the fair and looking into one of those distorted mirrors? You do not look wide at all!! You look great in this dress.. love the color, the cut, and how you styled it. Don’t get rid of it. I also think it will transition well into fall with some tights and a cardigan and those oxfords/same belt. So so cute!!

    Seriously, you do not look wide at all. I would be honest, I swear!! I do the same thing, but we are only judging ourselves that harshly. Please promise you will wear this dress again and when you go to put it on just remember that we all love it!!

    Also, love where you took these photos. Perfect 🙂

    • Haha, you should see the dress without the belt. It’s like I am wearing a giant parachute. I think that may be the real problem. Also, that sewing tutorial looks WAY over my non-sewer head. Darn not having a great grandmother who could teach me to sew. Thanks for the tip though.

  7. I love the colour and the flowiness! I aggree with you a little though – the dress has a funny shape in the waist area, it sort of bubbles out. Maybe wearing a very wide belt would mask that. Or you could consider taking it in a little. But altogether the dress is nice! 🙂

  8. I had a really similar experience this morning with a closet misfit. It’s a top I adore and that I wore to my first post-college job interview. It’s a tie-neck top that is sort of a “swing” top, has no waist but sort of balloons out, but instead of being tunic like its short like a normal button down. Anyway, I am “well endowed” as they say and without the structure of a suit jacket (a la job interview) it kind of makes my boobs like like they are about 6 inches lower and I look like an oompa loompa. I made the decision today finally to toss it!

    All this being said, I really love that dress and I know for a fact I would have bought it too. But I think the problem I would have had and that maybe you have is it is too “old” for you, a little matronly in the top.

    This is going to be a tough decision since everyone is so divided!

      • I agree, I have a hard time too. Lately I have been taking my clothes to a consignment shop and trying to make a little bit of money back. It’s very little but its a nice way to get some “petty cash” in your wallet every couple of weeks. Maybe you can try to resell!

        I really think its just that the top is not fitted like someone else said, maybe a tailor could give it a quick and cheap fix, more like a sheath dress.

  9. I think it’s look lovely on you!! But I can see what you mean. You can tell that without the belt you’d be swimming in it. Maybe that plus the high neckline is what is giving you the bad impression? I’ve got to agree with others and say try a belted cardigan. If you don’t like it after that I say back to the thrift store it goes! I’m sure you could fix it with some sewing, but if you’re anything like me it will just sit in a pile forever waiting until the day I magically become a sewing wiz (hint: this will never happen).

  10. I know what you mean. I once bought a top and didn’t wear it for like 4 years! Then when I re-discovered it, I didn’t like it anymore… how sad is that right?

    Anyway, I think this dress is a keeper! If you feel that it doesn’t do justice to your shape, why don’t you try pairing it with a fitted black blazer that will show off your shape.

  11. You know, I don’t see what you’re seeing, but I know that feeling. No amount of “no, it looks great on you” can change the fact that I don’t feel quite right in certain items. Do you think it’s something that tights would remedy? Again, I don’t think you need to get rid of it/change it at all, but it’s all about how you feel!

  12. Um I thought you looked super cute in this dress. The belt definitely gives it a great shape. And I don’t think you look broad at all! I like it, it’s a keeper 🙂

  13. There’s no doubt that the dress is a gem. I see no flaws in these photos–you look great. The asymmetrical hem is fun and on trend for the fall season. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in it, than that’s troublesome. Clothes should make you feel good and confident. I think the suggestion of trying a cardigan or even a fitted blazer over it, will help create a “slimming” effect since you feel it makes you look wider, worn as is. Maybe give another whirl before you pass it on.

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