The Flaw Finding Kelley

Skirt: Thrifted Top: H&M Necklace: Forever 21   Shoes: Target

At first glance, I love this outfit… but I’m going to give you the real inside scoop on this puppy and its emerald green misfit. Although, those of you who find bodily fluids sickening may want to stop reading now… I gotcha with that one huh?  You’re all glued to your screens.  Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I put this on before church yesterday thinking that I usually don’t wear this shirt because it fits a bit too tight for my liking.  As the night went on, all of its other flaws came rushing back to me.

Right when I got out of the car and looked down at my outfit I remembered flaw number one, the weird fabric causes a wrinkle issue.  This, in turn, causes the wearer to say something similar to, “Awesome, my shirt looks like it came out of the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper and has never seen an iron in its life.”

Then, after about 2 seconds of band practice, my husband accidentally scratched me with the end of one of his guitar strings causing blood to spill out of my arm.  Going to the bathroom to clean up, I found that oozing blood was the least of my problems.  I had just found flaw number two… Being tight, this shirt fits VERY close to my underarms.  Practicing on stage, under the heat of the lights… Well, let’s just say blood wasn’t the only bodily fluid currently flowing outside of my body, and my shirt was SCREAMING this out for the whole world to hear/see.

So, for the rest of the night I went around pulling on my shirt to straighten out the wrinkles while also trying to keep my arms at my side to hide my growing sweat-marks (which were simultaneously growing larger due to the stress and the lack of ventilation because I was refusing to move my arms).  Some time around, oh 5 minutes into the night, I decided that this particular misfit is SO out of the running… and unfortunately, so is the EXACT same shirt that I bought in gray… Note to self:  “Test drive clothing before you buy one in every shade!”

-The Flaw Finding Kelley


Wow, so many things to say…

  1. Thanks for ALL the awesome feedback on that dress guys.  I love that we can be honest with each other. It was pretty split, with lots saying that I should give up on the gown and others insisting that it’s a keeper.  I haven’t fully decided as of yet, but, per many of your suggestions, I did try it on with a cardigan and tights and I liked that look a lot better. So, we’ll see, maybe we’ll give it at least one try this fall/winter.
  2. Sorry for the short blogging break.  Fall is coming and that means it is time for photos here is Phoenix.  Pretty much nobody wants to endure the summer sun in Phoenix just for a few photos, and I don’t blame them.  That means by the time September stops by everyone looks at each other and realizes they haven’t taken photos in a year and their family is changing! Which means the hubs and I get to have LOTS of fun making them look good 😉

18 thoughts on “The Flaw Finding Kelley

  1. What a pity about the blouse… Though I know what you mean by garments which are veeeery likely to accumulate sweat-stains. And I don’t like them. So I totally understand if you give this up (and the probably similarly gorgeous grey one). Sigh, bodily fluids, what a hassle!

  2. Love these colors on you! That’s a shame about the shirt, because I think the fit is great on you… it really shows off your cute little figure. I am a sweaty girl, so I would definitely have to get rid of a shirt that flaunts my pits.

    Well, on the bright side, that skirt is amazing!! What a great thrifted find.

    • Ha, the way this shirt fits makes me think about the way your “sexy dress” fits. I want to scream, “It’s too tight and I look trashy!” But in real life, it probably just looks like a normal fitting shirt to everyone else. The wrinkle and sweat thing really have done this shirt in though. So unlike your dress, I think this shirt is GONE.

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful comment on my Sounds in the City post 🙂 That is awesome you used to live in Seattle…such a great place, I couldn’t image not living here!

    Love the color combo of this outfit! I am following you via bloglovin’ now 🙂 Hope you will want to follow me too!


  4. I thought the top was super cute too. I was just thinking how Im so self conscious of my arms with those super short sleeve tops and that your arms looked really good in it. I never thought you were a sweater so Im surprised at how it left stains under the arm. What type of fabric was it? The purple shoes were great too. I didnt think the top was to tight it looked good on you but Ive learned if something makes you feel uncomfortable not to wera it cuz otherwise your constantly yanking on it and feeling self concious and miserable all day. Must be comfy to pass the test.

    • I don’t know what the fabric is, but it is sure weird. Haha, and no matter how nice it fits, I will never look attractive when I have giant sweat rings under my arms. So I guess you’re right, out it goes!

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