The Frugal Date Night Planning Kelley

The hubs and I are still going strong on our weekly date nights. Yup, three weeks in a row.  For us, that is strong.  I’ve really been loving this dates (I’ve started looking forward to them every week) and last time I shared a date night idea (the bookworm date night), you guys said that you wanted to hear more, so here is what we did last week.

My husband is always talking about how all he did when he was a kid is play sports.  I was a major tomboy, but nobody really taught me how to play sports (I grew up with my mom and three sisters, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise), so I pretty much stink.  Still, while I usually fail miserably, I like the fresh air, fun, and exercise that sports can bring (Maybe that is why I stink, I’m not competitive enough to care if I lose, I really just like to have fun.).  So, I decided to plan a date around that.

First, I made up some games using the sports equipment we had on hand (although I had to buy a frisbee).

  1. Frisbee – Who can throw it the furthest?
  2. Football – After 50 – 100 throws, who will drop the ball the least amount of times?
  3. Race – I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.  We each took a turn and timed each other with the stopwatch on the hub’s iphone.
  4. Racquetball – Who can bounce the racquetball on the racquet the most without dropping it?

Then I created some fun score cards to keep track and a label for the prize bag (What are games without prizes?):

The prizes were slips of paper that entitled the recipient to choose one thing about the rest of our date.  I had a prize for the movie we would watch later, where the movie viewing would take place, what the snack of the night would be, and what our after dinner dessert would be.  I tried to make each one have something that would be fun for me and something that would be fun for the hubs.

After that, I ran out to buy the ingredients for the trailmix (should it be picked) and a frisbee.  Then it was time for the games to begin.

We headed to a park next to our house and got right to it.

I know this isn’t usual date night attire, but I thought it would be okay given the theme of the night.  Plus, if I was going to have ANY chance of winning anything, I needed to dress the part and have the right shoes (a lot of good it did me…).  I told the hubs to dress comfy too, but a tee and jeans is really as laid back as he gets.

I didn’t know it, but apparently my husband is a frisbee wiz.  I on the other hand, am not.

He was also REALLY good with the racquetball. He hardly even MOVED!

Again… I on the other hand… was not good.

And I was flopping around, chasing that ball all over the place.  In the end I think he gave up around 300 and I kept dropping the ball around 50…

Not surprisingly, the husband won EVERY. SINGLE. GAME!  Which meant (after he spent about 20mins teaching me how to throw a frisbee haha) we came home, had pizza for dinner (recipe to come), watched Thor on the ol’ couch, munched on trailmix for our snack, and decided on DQ for a dessert (although our trailmix ended up being so yummy that we skipped dessert).  He tried to be a gentleman and let me pick something, but fair is fair, so I let him pick it all.

Overall, it was a really fun night.  We got out of the house, got some fresh air, laughed a lot at the fact that I am horrible at all things athletic, had some yummy food, and watched a fun flick.  And you know what it cost us?  $4.12!  Yup, that is a frugal date night 🙂

-The Frugal Date Night Planning Kelley

P.S.  I know I owe you oh so many outfit posts.  Sorry 😦

P.P.S.  Sorry to keep updating this post, but I almost forgot something REALLY important!  I got some ideas for this date night from this great post.  I honestly always wanted to have this kind of a date at the park, but this lady’s blog post inspired me to finally do it, and I want to give credit where it is due.  Thanks Cami!


8 thoughts on “The Frugal Date Night Planning Kelley

  1. This is the cutest.
    Great idea. BF and I are a little to competitive for this type of date.
    Ok… I am to competitive… it’s all my fault… I like being good at things.

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