The Step Taking Kelley

Skirt: Old Navy Top: Gap Necklace: Gift Bracelet: Forever21   Shoes: Thrifted   Belt: Thrifted

I’ve been going to the gym pretty regularly since the beginning of this summer.  Although, until yesterday I had yet to partake in any of the group classes that my gym offers.  I thought that I should get into better shape before I tried to exercise with a group of people who were fully capable at laughing at me and thoroughly ruining my workout confidence, of which I already have so little.

That all changed yesterday.  A friend of mine told me that she enjoys the Tuesday morning step classes, and I told her I would join her.  We all know from my last post that I am not great at being athletic.  Usually when I’m at the gym I just run.  Yea, one foot in front of the other is about as coordinated as I get. So, “step” class sounded right up my alley.  I’ve been taking steps for years. In fact, I pretty much consider myself a master at this point.

Let me tell you now.  “Step” class is a complete misnomer.  It should be called, “take a few steps, now cha cha, now hop, now grapevine, now kick, now lunge, now do that all at once, now take a few more steps” class.  Or, if you watched me in the class, you may call it, “take a few steps, now squint at the instructors feet and try to figure out what she is doing, now look blankly around the room, now trip over your step, now take a few more steps” class.  Yea, and then they add the arms and dumbbells. The best part?  I was there with my friend who is due to have a baby ANY day now, and she didn’t miss a beat.

Regardless of the fact that I felt like I NEVER caught up, my legs still feel like somebody punched them in the throat.  I’ll probably go to the next class (because apparently I am self-loathing)… please, feel free to show up with popcorn and a drink to enjoy the show 🙂

-The Step Taking Kelley

P.S. What do we think about this little misfit skirt?  Does it scream, “Hey there, I’m trying way too hard to look like a naughty school girl”, or am I just imagining things?  In case you are wondering, the school girl look is not something I am actually going for…


23 thoughts on “The Step Taking Kelley

  1. Kelley! I have this skirt! (I actually yelled this out in my head when I opened your blog :P)

    I got mine from Old Navy for $0.47. I’m not kidding. It was probably the cheapest article of clothing I have ever bought that wasn’t free. That being said, I haven’t worn it yet. But I say hold onto this closet misfit through the fall because I am thinking it will be a great fall and winter item. I think the bubble shape makes it less school-girl (more cool-girl? nah..) more happy-holidays. I’m thinking I should plan an outfit with mine soon!

  2. I love the skirt and the bun! and I have done the awkward “fun-workout-class-with-a-friend-and-I-can’t-keep-up”, I feel like I am pretty coordinated & love yoga, but any aerobic type class I want to die in….

    • I know, I totally felt like I was going to die, and it was super embarrassing. Still, somehow I feel that if I get better at it it could actually be fun, so I think I am going to power through the hard part and keep trying. P.S. I don’t know why, but I feel like a total noob with my hair like this.

  3. I’m impressed I can’t even get a decent score on the Wii Fit ‘steps’ game I’m so uncoordinated.
    Personally I think this skirt is yelling ‘Kelley should wear me with lots of leggings, boots and cute blazers this fall’. But maybe I’m not interpreting it’s screams correctly.

    • Haha! The whole class I was thinking, “But I’m good at this on the Wii!” Ha, WAY different. Maybe you would be good a the real life class. I also hear the same screams, they are just faint and seem to be coming from a far off distance. Perhaps they will get louder as the weather cools off 🙂

    • Thanks for your honesty! I think I’m okay with the way the skirt fits, I’m just if-y on the print. The belt was a totally random Goodwill buy. I was with my aunt when I picked it up and I think she thought I was crazy when I bought it haha.

  4. I have this skirt, too! The colors are a little different, but same skirt. I usually wear mine with tights, but you’re inspiring me to give it a go with bare legs. As far as step class goes, just keep at it! You’ll be cha-chaing with the best of them before you know it!

    • I feel like you are perhaps a stepping expert. I think I am going to keep up with the class. I’ll have to let you guys know if I get any good haha. I love being skirt twins with people all over the country!

  5. Haha, I love your workout story and it’s exactly why I don’t do group classes.

    I think this dress will be great with boots and tights and feel less “school girl” to you. Give it a chance, it’s really cute!

    • Oh don’t be silly. You are ALWAYS cute! And I thought of you when I was in that class the other day. I was like, “There is NO way I could be good at Zumba if I can’t even do this! Melissa must be awesome!”

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