The Tractor Attracting Kelley

Skirt: Thrifted Top: Target Necklace: Gift/Target   Shoes: Thrifted   Belt: Thrifted   Bag: Thrifted

Okay, this is going to seem silly, but I never wear this shirt because I feel like the squares in the checkered pattern are too big…  I know, silly right?!  Somehow I feel that the size of the squares in checkered shirts can be the difference between, “Hey there Farmer Jane, do you want a ride back to town on my tractor” and “Wow!  Where did you get that cute top!?”

Unless my husband moves us back to his home state of Missouri and starts harvesting the back 40, I don’t really feel the need to attract men on tractors.  So what do you guys think?  Should this shirt be sent off to Goodwill so that some excited young thing can pair it with pigtails and overalls on the 31st of next month?

-The Tractor Attracting Kelley


14 thoughts on “The Tractor Attracting Kelley

  1. Haha! I giggled about ‘the squares are to big’ because that is EXACTLY the sort of thing I would demote an article of clothing to the back of my closet for. I understand the dilemma completely because I live in Kentucky and I’m always afraid I’ll be mistaken for a farm girl or a ‘country bumpkin’.
    I think the greyed out color makes it much more ‘girl where’d you get that cute top?’
    I think it’s really cute with that skirt as well.

  2. OMG I agree with Loren, that is the exact type of thing I would hate a piece of clothing for. Why do we look for the most ridiculous things to pick apart?? I think this shirt is really cute and didn’t think farmer at all.

    I think this is a keeper, it would look SO good in the fall with a sweater and scarf all layered up. Keep! Keep!

    Oh and that skirt is great – this whole outfit is really well put together 🙂

  3. I kind of want this top. But. My boyfriend drives a tractor!!!

    that skirt is so wonderful and the brown in your accessories is so amazingly beautiful. I really love everything together.

  4. That’s so funny, I picked up the same top at Target and almost wore it for the 10 and 2! I love the shades of it…but maybe it is the big check that keeps me from wearing it! I think it looks great paired with this skirt!!!!

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