The Double Misfit Wearing Kelley

Jeans: Gap Top: Forever21 Bracelets: Thrifted   Shoes: Thrifted   Belt: Thrifted   Vest: Forever21

I’m a little behind, so I decided to fit two misfits into one day.  Can you guess what the misfits are?  If you guessed this lovely T-shirt and green vest, you are in fact, correct.

The T-shirt – Printed Ts just don’t fit into my closet as well as they used to.  Not only that, but this one doesn’t even fit like an old comfy Tee.  What is the point of wearing a T-shirt and jeans if the T-shirt isn’t even worn in and comfortable?

The Vest – I really wish this vest was this vest.  I’ve seen so many people wearing it, and I love the structure it adds to casual and fancy outfits.  My vest just kind of hangs on me, and I feel like it is a little too long.  However, I told myself to SUCK IT UP, and I tried this vest out with some outfits that I would wear with the Old Navy version (if I had it), and I think I actually liked it.  So, this one may be safe for a little while longer.

On another note, while I was wearing this yesterday somebody told me, “I really like that thing.” while pointing to this vest.  My response?  “Really?  I HATE it!”  She looked at me, obviously confused, and I had to explain how I am trying to wear clothes that I don’t really like… At this point I think she was even more confused… Next time, I think a simple, “thank you” will suffice.

-The Double Misfit Wearing Kelley


14 thoughts on “The Double Misfit Wearing Kelley

  1. Kelley! Can we do a clothing swap someday? I am kind of way too into your misfits. I love this vest. I had a vest like this in navy a long time ago that I gave away and I still kind of regret it. I used to wear it buttoned with long sleeve shirts, skinny jeans, and boots and it had more of a jumper vibe.

    I love it with this look of yours but I think it would also look great with dresses!

    and misfits or not, I really like this color combo!

  2. I totally understand wanting to ditch the t-shirt. I’ve been parring down my collection since college, I just feel… not put together in them.
    I do love this vest though. The color is great on you, the pockets are really cute, and I bet it’ll be really great for layering in fall!
    In other words if you don’t want it you can send it to me 😉

  3. HAHAHAHA! That woman must have been so confused.

    The vest, however, is awesome. No, it’s not “the” vest, but it’s a gorgeous color on you and great for fall, and I think it looks great on you. It would be VERY cute belted over a floral dress!

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