The Face Eating Kelley

Jeans: Old Navy Top: Loft Jacket: Thrifted Necklaces: Target/Forever 21   Shoes: Old Navy

My poor husband is getting pretty bored with these photos.  It seems that I am sucking away all of the creative fun of photography by making it important to focus on my outfits.  My husband loves photography so much that just about anything is interesting enough for him to take pictures of.  Apparently he draws the line at clothing.

Yesterday he told of his ennui whilst snapping these outfit shots.  So, I tried to get creative.  But in all honesty, I feel WAY more comfortable being creative behind the camera than in front of it.  Which means this pretty much sums up all of the creativity that I had to offer:

Yea… So hopefully my husband will think of a way to spice things up soon, or you’ll be seeing a lot more pictures of me looking like I want to eat your face.  Sorry folks, gotta keep my man happy.

-The Face Eating Kelley


19 thoughts on “The Face Eating Kelley

  1. oh I love your photos! My husband, who isn’t a professional photographer, gets bored with taking my photos too, though. But I don’t care. hahahaha.

    I really love that blue wrap/cardi. The white hem details are really cute!

    • Thanks! I think this jacket is quickly becoming a new fav of mine. Haha, I think I really just need to break down and buy a remote of our camera so I don’t have to bug him all the time.

  2. I love this jacket! You can eat my face if you wear it. I also love the contrasting top underneath.

    I use a tripod and it shows! your pics look great!

  3. You’re totally adorable, I love the trim on this jacket.
    Maybe you can ‘reward’ him for helping you out so much. Like putting a quarter in a jar every time he takes your picture then get him a surprise! Like a new lens to take pictures of you with 😉
    You are totally lucky to have such a talented dude in your life.

    • Haha, I read your comment to my husband and he pointed out that in order to “reward him” I would likely have to steal from his change collection… I thought it was a good idea though 🙂 And yes, I am lucky for sure 🙂

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