The Afternoon Picnic Attendee Kelley

Pants: Thrifted – Top: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted – Shoes: Thrifted Scarf: Gift

On Friday the hubs and I had a picnic lunch date in the park. Things have been pretty busy around here lately, so our date nights have kind of slipped through the cracks of our schedule and disappeared into the dreaded and never ending, “next week”.  You know, the “next week” that always turns into another, “next week” as soon as it rolls around.  Nonetheless, we always have to eat lunch (or at least I do, no skipping meals here!), so the boy had the great idea of just turning that into a date.

We grabbed some Chipotle and a beach towel and headed for the park.  We checked the temperature and saw that it was a BEAUTIFUL 71 degrees.  Yes, 71!  I was actually really happy that I wore this scarf to keep me warm.  It was so nice to just sit outside and chat while feeling a cool breeze.  Before we know it, it will be too cold to do this, so I’m happy we found a way to squeeze this afternoon date in!

-The Afternoon Picnic Attendee Kelley

P.S. This is what I do to my hair while I wash my face… for some reason I decided that it should also be my outside world hair on Friday… Oh well, it was Friday.


6 thoughts on “The Afternoon Picnic Attendee Kelley

  1. You look so cute! Love the pants paired with the polka dots. I think I wore that same shirt in the post I put up Friday… ? If so, I love it and want to wear it every day.

    We are the same way – date night always gets postponed and turned into “next week”. Thankfully we had some time to ourselves on Saturday night and had a chance to go out to dinner 🙂

    Happy Monday!

  2. Picnic date! That’s a great idea! The husband and I have been meaning to do that forever, but as you said, it takes awhile to finally get around to that. 😛 71 degrees is still a little cool for my taste though, so I agree with your decision to wear a scarf! I love the color of your scarf! 😀 As for your hair, anything goes on Fridays!! 😛

  3. You’re adorable, love the scarf inside the belt. And I think your hair looks pretty cute actually. I like the ‘messy bun’ look.
    Our dates don’t really get postponed they frequently get encroached upon though. I really love that we have a tight-knit group of friends but on any given day of the week there is usually at least one person asking us to hang out. Or we’ll head out to see a show and run into people that we know and end up ‘hanging out’ instead of having a date 😉

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