The Sappy and Cliche Kelley

Pants: Old Navy – Top: Thrifted Sweater: Target – Necklaces: Forever 21/Gift – Shoes: Target Bracelet: Forever 21

This is what I wore on Sunday when my husband and I attended a surprise service at our church.  The whole service was put together to celebrate and thank our lead pastor for serving God and our church for the past 25 years.  Twenty-five years, that’s longer than I’ve been alive!  Even more insane, he has been doing something for that long, and he still loves it and continues to do it!  It’s crazy how some people seem to be fit for a specific purpose, and of all of the things they could have done, they seem to have found and devoted themselves to the one thing they were meant to do.

As my husband and I shot photos and recorded the event, I listened to the stories told by people who had traveled all across the country just to be there.  Everyone had numerous examples of times in which our pastor had shown his love and God’s love to them, and the ways in which this love had changed their lives for the better.

It may seem sappy and cliche, but it was a great reminder to love and serve others just a bit more.

-The Sappy and Cliche Kelley


3 thoughts on “The Sappy and Cliche Kelley

  1. Cute, those shoes are fantastic.
    How fantastic for your church. I love seeing peoples dedication and passion for their profession. I hope I can find something to dedicate myself to so completely.

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