The Cowl Looming Kelley

Skirt: Thrifted – Top: Old Navy

Boots: Ross (Find similar ones by clicking HERE and searching for “Y-NOT Drew”)

Socks: Target – Belt: Thrifted Cowl: DIY

Okay, so first off, expect to see these boots about a million more times this fall and winter.  I had been on the hunt for a pair of cute but also affordable boots for… years… Those things are about as rare as an eleven-year-old without an iphone (i.e. REALLY rare… sadly).  I must say that my husband was getting sick of me picking up every pair off boots in each store we went to, and then pouting about the price tag.  I even came close to buying a pair of size 10 boots (I wear an 8 1/2) because they were cheap, cute, and I thought maybe nobody would notice they were HUGE… Oh the things we try to tell ourselves when we really want a clothing item… Then I found these beauties at Ross for $25!  Yup, they were mine RIGHT AWAY!  I think my husband may have been even more happy than myself that the boot search was over.

Secondly, this is my very first DIY cowl.  I loomed it rather than knitting it, and for some reason I feel like that is cheating these days.  Oh well, all I know is that, while I love knitting, looming this took me MAYBE 40 minutes, while knitting one would have taken me weeks.  And, now that I know I can make one that fast, I am going to be making LOTS more.  I’m thinking my next ones will be a little chunkier.  I really want to make some in oatmeal, chocolate, raspberry, and mustard.  That sounds like a recipe for some delicious cowls… but I’m pretty sure it would be a HORRIBLE combination for a sandwich… YUCK!

-The Cowl Looming Kelley

Want to see more outfits with these boots? Look below

P.S.  Like these boots?  Me too!  In fact, I like them sooo much that I took them on a trip around the world after getting them.  I’m serious!  They’ve gone from the little park by my house, all the way to Paris, Switzerland, Germany, back to that park, and then home again to our very own front yard. What can I say?  Boots are made for walking, and these ones are so cute and comfortable, I decided to walk all over the world in them 🙂

***UPDATE:  Interested in learning more about these boots?  Check out my latest post on them for more info.

****NEW UPDATE:  We found a pair of boots that are REALLY REALLY close to these ones!  Check out this post to see where you can buy them.

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28 thoughts on “The Cowl Looming Kelley

  1. LOVE those boots! Funny, my search for the perfect brown boot ended yesterday! And I also think Kevin was more excited than me…

    Your cowl is very cute, I want to make one for winter!

    Have a great Wednesday 🙂

  2. Cute cowl! I can crochet and taught myself to knit last winter, but I’ve never loomed before, you’ll have to post about it!
    LOVE these boots too. The only time I’m really happy that I have tiny feet is when I get to buy ALL the vintage boots. Seriously, like 95% of vintage boots are itty bitty.

  3. seriously, $25?? I was already going to comment about how jealous I was about those boots before I heard the price tag, and now I’m even more jealous! I’ve been looking for boots that color, and those buttons are just perfect. Good find!

  4. Those boots are marvelous – I love the row of gold buttons! I had searched for the perfect pair of brown boots for over a year until I found “the pair”. What a great find!

  5. I feel ya on the boot hunt! These are a great pair of boots! What a steal for $25! And, wow! I wish I could make something like what you made, and 40 minutes only??? WOAH!! I wonder if I should learn to loom as well….is it difficult? =P

  6. Love the boots, I know you purchased them at Ross so they will be hard to find, but what is the brand? Asking for those of us who may not want to settle for the shoe carnival twin 🙂

  7. I pinned these boots months ago, so imagine my surprise when I was shopping at Ross last week and found the SAME PAIR! They are a slightly lighter brown, but other than that they are these exact ones! I obviously bought them 🙂 Can’t wait for the weather to get a little cooler so I can wear them!

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