The Peanut Butter and Banana Pairing Kelley

Jeans: Gap – Top: Thrifted Shoes: Thrifted – Undershirt: Target – Belt: Thrifted Hat: Target

When I wore this outfit the other day, it was a total “peanut butter and banana moment”.  You know, one of those times when you realize two things that you love are even better when they’re together.  Yup, these shirts have peanut butter and banana ALL over them, so stay back if you have a peanut allergy.  I see them being paired together many more times in the future.

On an entirely different note.  I need your help with something.

What do you think?

-The Peanut Butter and Banana Pairing Kelley


10 thoughts on “The Peanut Butter and Banana Pairing Kelley

  1. HAT! I love hats. I am actually wearing one in my post today too 🙂

    Love this outfit… you look great. That shirt is adorable. And you look so dang good in jeans!!!

  2. I LOVE the hat.
    I LOLed at the Peanut butter banana reference. Once i realized what you meant I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about, I had a similar experience this morning getting dressed.
    These two shirts look really cute together.

  3. i adore that blouse! it’s so bright and folky and fun 🙂 love, love. also, i think yes to the hat–it adds a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ 🙂

    i eat peanut butter and banana every morning on a honey wheat english muffin. never gets old. all those peanut butter and jelly lovers are missing out (okay, but that’s good too…)

  4. What a unique way to wear those two shirts together! Such nice inspiration. I personally am a big fan of hats when it is chilly out. They give outfits a little something extra I think.

    ❤ Rachel

    P.S. Thanks for your note on my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed my Big Bang Theory outfits. I was afraid people would be like "What on earth is this girl talking about?!"

  5. Love the hat! My winter hats are hidden somewhere in my closet. I forgot where I put them and they need to be dug out very soon. And isn’t it great when you can turn something old into “new” by layering unexpected items together?

  6. So you’re saying that the ruffle that appears on the already cute top is another tank?! I NEVER would’ve thought of that on my own but really love it! Your whole ensemble is great! As for the hat? You can totally pull that off! Go for it!

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