The Euro Traveling Kelley

Hey guess what?  I’m going to Europe!  Well, more accurately I am in Europe (I’m writing this the night before we leave).  We got to London on Friday Morning, and today we’re headed to Amsterdam.  After that we’ll be going to Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, and then we’ll spend a few more days in the UK.  My husband and I started planning this trip over a year ago and we are beyond excited that it is actually happening (especially because neither one of us has ever been outside of North America).  We will be gone for two weeks, and I would LOVE to update the blog along the way, but I honestly don’t know what the internet situation is going to be like over there.  I’ll try my best, but please don’t hate me if you don’t hear from me for a while.

-The Euro Traveling Kelley


6 thoughts on “The Euro Traveling Kelley

  1. Kelley! This is so exciting!!! I was in Europe this summer… my sister actually lives in Germany so I was there visiting her and we did a little traveling. I had a blast!

    I hope you have the time of your life! Take tons of photos, and don’t worry about the blog while you’re there. I’ll be excited to hear about your adventues when you return 🙂

  2. this is really exciting, i hope you are both having a wonderful time. i’ve never been out of the states before, so i can only imagine how exciting a trip like this must be!

  3. Oh, how cool! I’m really wondering what you’re going to think of Amsterdam. I work on the Damrak and it’s so cool to be there almost every day.



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