The Old Amsterdam Touring Kelley

I promise this is not a random man I found in Amsterdam. This is my husband 🙂

I’M HOME!!!!

I had a great trip, but I am soooo happy to be back!  Seriously, I think I have the most comfortable bed in the world, and I missed it.  Anywho, let’s get to telling you about my trip shall we? It may take a while, but let’s start with the first day:  Amsterdam.

Let’s get something out in the open.  I’m OLD.  Well, technically I’m 23, and that particular age may or may not be one that you consider old, but at heart, I think I’m about 75.  This means I would be perfectly content if a volume knob never got turned all the way to the right again, if dinner always happened at 4pm, and if bedtime was always 8 O’clock at night.  Also, I’m considering dying my hair a nice shade of pale blue.

Okay, so these may be slight exaggerations (SLIGHT), but my hyperbole is being used to prove a simple point: I am old.  This means that most of the excitement of Amsterdam was lost on me.  At least the parts that SHOULD have been exciting.  While the rest of our tour group found it riveting to head to “coffee shops”, sex shows, clubs, and other areas of Amsterdam’s famous red light district, I was thrilled to find out that this city was home to the Anne Frank House Museum.

I don’t know if it’s my German heritage, or just the fact that it is a gripping story, but I have always been intrigued by Anne Frank and her life, so I was happily surprised to find out that I would be touring the annex in which her and her family hid away from the world for so long.  Strangely I found myself feeling even more connected to the story as I walked though the rooms.  Anne Frank bears a striking resemblance to my youngest sister, and I couldn’t help but feel more personally attached to her after I noticed this.  The museum was a truly sobering experience, and I am so glad I got the chance to experience it.  One of Anne’s biggest dreams was to become a published author, and I think I can safely say that she has become this and so much more.

So, weather you like to party it up, or soak up history, (to each his own right?), Amsterdam is, overall a pretty great town to hit up for a day or two.

-The Old Amsterdam Touring Kelley

P.S. Next up, Germany.  We headed to Germany the same day, so more info on this outfit then. 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Old Amsterdam Touring Kelley

  1. OMG you do look like Anne Frank. I’m so happy to see you’re back, and to hear that you had fun! I know exactly what you mean – I missed my bed soooo much when I was traveling Europe.

    Your outfit is really cute and simple… perfect for traveling!

    I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Germany, I was there this summer 🙂

  2. Ok ya kel that its kind of scary how much you look like Anne. I mean I guess she sort of looks like Brianna, but if you put a picture of when you were 14 next her you two could have been sisters. It is the eyes, nose, hair, and those thin lips… Crazy

  3. Im soglad we get to see where you went and how you both liked it,,,,,,,,,cant wait to see more,Will be interested on how Deutschland struck your fancy…yep u look like Anne, so does Brianna,,,,,,,,but you both resemble eachother so much

  4. This sounds like a fantastic trip! How much fun! Absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying Anne Frank museums instead of the red light district. Also, your husband is a total cutie.
    Get home safe!

  5. Welcome back, Kelley! I missed your brightness. 23, old? Pish, posh. Your outfit looks comfy and fitting for travel and seeing sights. Looking forward to seeing more recaps of your trip. Glad you had a great time! Europe?! How could you not.

  6. Actually my first thought was that you yourself look like Anne Frank a bit.
    It’s so good to hear that you have such a strong connection with your European roots and great to hear about your adventures! 🙂

  7. I’m enjoying your posts so much (I’ve been catching up on your latest posts first…) and can’t agree more with you about feeling older than you really are….my hubby and I tend to gravitate towards the “less shiny”, more down-played areas and parts of towns…. I’m glad you had such an amazing time!

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