The Classy German Encountering Kelley

Pants: H&M – Top: Thrifted Blazer: Target – Scarf: Gift from a student

Boots: Ross (Find similar ones by clicking HERE and searching for “Y-NOT Drew”)

After hitting up Amsterdam for a few days, we headed to Germany.  This is one place I have wanted to go my. whole. life.  My Grandmother is from Germany, and she moved to the U.S. around… 18 I think. Growing up with a genuine German Grandma, we always had fun German traditions in our home.  We ate sauerkraut, German pretzels, and bratwurst for Christmas and we said weird things to each other in German that seemed normal until I married my husband and they made no sense to him.

I’ve always felt a pretty strong connection to my German roots, so actually stepping foot on German soil was extremely exciting for me. I wanted to fully take in and remember my first step into Germany… and I will.  My first step was tripping off of the steps of our bus. Yes, I tripped into Germany in real Kelley style, but I quickly recovered and I don’t think anyone else noticed. A great start.

Even better, was our first interaction with German citizens.  My husband and I were taking these pictures in a park outside of a rest stop, and we caught the attention of a few intoxicated locals. These individuals then commenced the throwing of bottle caps in our general direction while laughing and yelling in German.  Classy guys. Way to represent Germany… Oh well, it could only improve from that point. And it did.

-The Classy German Encountering Kelley

P.S. Next up, Munich 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Classy German Encountering Kelley

  1. What a simple and elegant outfit, with a touch of Euro-style. I have German heritage myself, so it has always been a dream location for me – I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

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