The Shiny Rest Stop Loving Kelley

Jeans: Forever21 – Coat: Forever21 Shoes: Thrifted – Top: Thrifted – Necklace: Target

After Munich, we headed out to Italy.  Before we reached our final destination, we stopped by Innsbruck, Austria (home of the 1964 AND 1976 Winter Olympics in case you were wondering) for lunch.  My husband and I enjoyed a few hours wondering away from our tour group and just taking in each other’s company.  We strolled around the town, found a restaurant that looked promising, and then had a few laughs as we tried ordering our lunch in German. In case you ever want to order a hotdog type of sausage with no horseradish, “ein frankfurt mit nein kren” will do you good, yeah… we were pretty proud of ourselves.

After that we walked through some souvenir shops and saw lots of fun tacky items.  Then we went into their Swarovski crystal shop and saw lots of not tacky stuff.  Sooooo shiny.  My husband said it looked like an Apple Store mixed with a Tiffany’s. Leave it to him to take in all that pretty and see something nerdy. Anyways, my husband got me out of there ASAP so that we didn’t go broke, and then it was off to Italy.

Our first Italy photos were taken at a rest stop.  Rest stops are so different in Europe.  For example, this one was sitting right outside of a vineyard (seen in the photos above) and had a full fledged restaurant inside.  I think we should take a note from the Europeans on this one.  A cup of coffee and a toilet does not a rest stop make.  I said it, now let’s do something about it.  Anyone have connections in the rest stop business?

-The Shiny Rest Stop Loving Kelley

P.S. Next up, Venice!


17 thoughts on “The Shiny Rest Stop Loving Kelley

  1. You look SO cute – I am loving that yellow coat. Your trip sounds like it was so fun!! Ordering in another language is always a good time…

    I totally agree, the most exciting thing at our rest stops is a vending machine. What the heck?!

  2. This coat is adorable on you! Love it with the necklace on top. This trip sounds like a blast.
    I’ve only really tried to order in another language once, I may or may not have eaten a squid sandwich, we still aren’t really sure. It was an adventure that’s for sure 🙂

  3. OMG I have waaay too much to say! First off, I’m totally jealous of your travels – and your life in general! Secondly, that coat is adorable – the color, cut, and buttons; what more could a girl ask for? You are totally rocking it. Lovely photos, I hope your trip continues to be successful – and keep posting updates. Really enjoying your travels 🙂 Darling blog!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment on my On the Tracks post 🙂 And I am sure my husband is happy that I won’t be dragging him into every store while saying, “I have to keep looking for boots!!” haha

    Holy cow I love that coat! Isn’t mustard theeee best color ever? I may have to go to F21 and be a copycat 😉


  5. Yessss, this coat is perfect! I love yellow as accent pieces, although you can pull it off much butter than I can with your pretty dark hair 🙂 And I am in total agreement with you re: American rest stops. We’re slacking!!

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