The Deadly Venice Traveling Kelley

Pants: Forever21 – Sweater: Forever21 Shoes: Forever21 Tops: Thrifted – Necklace: Old

Aaawww Venice.  For me, it was more like UGH Venice. Don’t get me wrong, the town itself was absolutely breathtaking beautiful. Unfortunately, I was too busy having my breath taken away by the pains in my stomach.  Yea, I’m pretty sure I was poisoned by an Italian.  Food poisoned that is.  The ultimate form of poison; hiding something deadly in the form of something absolutely delicious, such as REAL Italian food.

Oh well.  I found a pharmacy and a WONDERFUL pharmacist that spoke English. Pills were bought, as were many trips to la toilette (Yea, it costs over $2 each time you use the bathroom there… an expensive place to be sick.), and I started feeling a bit better.  I’d love to give you some fun highlights of Venice, but it really was a blur to me. I think the BEST advice I can give you if you are going to be heading to this floating city, is book a walking tour.  It really helps you get a grasp on where everything is so you can wonder around and feel like a local later. Oh, and one more piece of advice? Go soon, apparently it’s sinking and my not be around for too long…

-The Deadly Venice Traveling Kelley


10 thoughts on “The Deadly Venice Traveling Kelley

  1. Aw, sorry to hear you got sick! 😦 On an unrelated note, you dressed so well on your trip!! Whenever I go on vacation I throw the most random things in my suitcase and end up looking like a mess the whole time. You look so pulled together and cute – illness and all!

    Happy Wednesday 🙂

  2. I’m impressed that you still managed outfit photos while feeling sick! That’s the worst. And in Venice! I was stunned by Venice as well, but it honestly wasn’t my favorite. I think taking a walking tour is good advice to help better get a sense of an otherwise maze-like, disorienting city full of water.

  3. How awful! And you have to pay to use the bathroom?! Eeek! But you managed to look so happy and stylish in these photos!

  4. Food poisoning is the worst. Also, OMG $2 for a trip to the toilet? That’s stupid.
    You look GREAT though, especially for someone who wasn’t feeling well. This outfit is so cute!

  5. Oh my, what a pity… I’m glad you found a pharmacist with some language skills though…
    I love Venice, it’s my dream city, I know I’d be absolutely devastated if I couldn’t enjoy it fully… Poor you, I hope you can visit again! And I do hope the city’s not sinking too fast! 🙂

  6. Ugh. That’s awful to be sick (with food poisoning) while traveling. Glad you were able to get some medicine. On the otherhand, I so love your menswear inspired look. The antique key print on your shirt is outta this world. And so sad about the idea that Venice is sinking… hope the family and I can make it over there before anything tragic happens.

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