The Prison Visiting Kelley

I almost wasn’t going to post this, because it’s not an outfit post, but I thought that some people may find it interesting anyway, so here it is.

While my husband and I were in Switzerland, we stayed in an old prison that had been converted into a hotel.  It was a mixture of awesomely cool and SUPER creepy.  Our room was all the way at the end of a creepy hallway and I had to walk down the hallway all alone a few times. I swear that I heard Hannibal Lecter’s voice whispering, “Clarice…”  Obviously it was just my imagination, but at that point I had gotten into my own head, and I had to RUN to get out of the hall. Terrifying.

I guess if you like being a little scared, this hotel would be fun, and it definitely makes for some interesting stories, “Yea, I was staying in this prison one time…”  The only REALLY not fun part about it?  There is a night-club in the basement.  Okay, I know that might be fun for some people, but I personally don’t enjoy being woken up at 3 AM to drunken screams and a bass pounding, “BOOM-cha BOOM-cha POW POW POW” in my head (Did you hear that? I just invented online beat boxing.  You didn’t know I had that skill did you?).  Still, if you happen to be going to Lucerne, this may be a fun place to stay.

-The Prison Visiting Kelley


12 thoughts on “The Prison Visiting Kelley

  1. This is definitely cool, but certainly creepy, too. Not sure how good of sleep I’d have in a converted prison, even if there wasn’t a club downstairs. I imagine that many of the patrons are club goers and passing out after a night of partying.

  2. This is totally creepy awesome! Those two single beds are kinda of weird looking.
    Also, even though I totally understand why you were irritated, a nightclub in the basement of a former prison sounds SO COOL.

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