The Boot Hunting Kelley

Skirt: Forever21 – Top: Forever21

Boots: Ross (Find similar ones by clicking HERE and searching for “Y-NOT Drew”)

Socks: Ross – Belt: Thrifted Cowl: DIY

So, last night, I’m sitting on my couch, eating an inordinate number of pumpkin spice cookies (I can’t help it, they’re sooo good.  I’ll share the recipe soon), and I open my laptop to find that my WordPress stats page seems to think that my blog has gotten well over 1,000 visitors today.

Now, for the sake of this story, let’s just pretend that that number is at least a bit larger than this ol’ blog is used to seeing.  A normal person may then think, “Well geeze, I must have done something great today”, while my immediate and somewhat self-deprecating response was more a mixture of, “What’s broken?” and “Crud, did somebody sneakily take inappropriate/scandalous photos of me and find a way to upload them to my blog?!”

So, what was the culprit in the end?  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss any unseemly photos, the  guilty party included non-other than my beautiful brown button-laden boots.  Apparently they were pinned and then subsequently found their way smack dab to the middle of the homepage.

Since then, I have had quite a few questions regarding where these beauties hail from. So, I thought perhaps I could help some sisters out.  As I said in the boot’s debut post, I found these lovelies at Ross for a mere 25 buckaroos. I checked, and it looks like their original manufacturer is Nicole.  Sadly, I have scoured the Internet trying to find them for you guys, but I can’t seem to track them down.  I am a bad boot hunter.  Seriously, it took me years just to find this pair.  Nicole does definitely have some other cute boots on their website, but I have yet to see an identical copy of mine.

**** UPDATE:  We found a pair of boots that are REALLY REALLY close to these ones!  Check out this post to see where you can buy them.

So, if any of you are better than I am at hunting down boots with a keyboard and a trackpad (or a mouse I suppose), and you happen to come across them, please, send me a line so that I can spread the word.

-The Boot Hunting Kelley


29 thoughts on “The Boot Hunting Kelley

  1. They are pretty incredible boots! And they look so lovely with this outfit. Again, I am really digging your color palette. I do that too though, when I get a jump in page views I am like what in the world?? Because half the time they don’t come on a day I even posted. Usually its pinning of my DIY posts or a website picked up one of my DIY posts (probably from Pinterest, ha.) Which I guess means I should do more DIY posts!

  2. I really LOVE that skirt!!! AND YOUR BOOTS ARE GORGEOUS! I’d like a pair of them myself, but I am sure my calves are too gigantic 😦

  3. You wear a paper-bag waist very well. This is the third skirt with that cut I’ve seen on you and they have all been extremely successful!


  4. This outfit is too pretty for words! I really love the rich color combinations and well, everything about it from head to toe. You are gorgeous:) And being a huge apple fan…I am trying out that applesauce recipe above at the end of this week. Looks delicious!

  5. Congrats on getting pinned. I hope I do one day 🙂 Those boots are great and that’s awesome that you found them at Ross. I have a pair of shoes that are Nicole brand that I found at a thrift store once. They are super cute. Is Nicole a shoe only brand?

    ❤ Rachel

  6. Found the boots today while looking for shoes today….or at least boots identical to yours for those wondering.. They were at shoe carnival and are by a brand called y-not. They were on sale for about 45-50 dollars..slightly more than what you paid for them, but thought I’d post it since I’ve seen these boots on many peoples pinterest boards.

  7. kelley, i just love the red & orange paired together! and that is a really cute skirt, i think i have a blouse from target with a very similar pattern. love it!

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