The Boot Conquering Kelley

Hello Boots!

***Attention to all of the ladies who have been looking for these beautiful boots!***

A wonderful reader commented that she found them while shopping at Shoe Carnival (Thanks Katie)!  They’re the Y-NOT Drew boots, style number 21096.  I looked it up online, and while they are not the EXACT same as my boots, they are pretty dang close. In fact, I may like them a little bit better.  Take a look:

They’re currently on sale for $39.98 (A bit more expensive than my $24 find, but still a pretty great deal).  Go ahead and look at the website (search for the Y-NOT Drew boots, style number 21096.) to see these sweet beauties for yourself!  🙂

-The Boot Conquering Kelley

Want to see some more outfits with these boots? Look below!

P.S.  Like these boots?  Me too!  In fact, I like them sooo much that I took them on a trip around the world after getting them.  I’m serious!  They’ve gone from the little park by my house, all the way to Paris, Switzerland, Germany, back to that park, and then home again to our very own front yard. What can I say?  Boots are made for walking, and these ones are so cute and comfortable, I decided to walk all over the world in them :)


14 thoughts on “The Boot Conquering Kelley

  1. Just curious, where are the original ones found? I saw your post on Pinterest and you said they were in MN, that’s where I live and these are super cute!

  2. Joyfolie’s Ava Boots are very similar, too! 🙂 They’re much more expensive and hand made, but very cute and similar to these! I think they are on sale for about $150 right now, free shipping, and I believe an eco-friendly tote that comes with it.

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