The Thrifty Accessorizing Kelley

Pants: Gap – Top: Target Sweater: Forever21 Shoes: Forever21 – Scarf: Old Navy Belt: Thrifted

Thrifting 101:

Always look out for accessories!

Sometimes I get excited about little things.  For example, when I thrifted this belt for $1 I was ecstatic.  I’ve been looking for a bright skinny, leather belt for a while, but they were always expensive.  Who wants to pay $20 for a belt?!  Not me!  Come to think of it, there isn’t much that a would pay $20 for.  Well, maybe candy. Oh, or cheese… And I’ll take that weird outburst as a sign that it is time for me to go eat now.

-The Thrifty Accessorizing Kelley

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17 thoughts on “The Thrifty Accessorizing Kelley

  1. I ONLY thrift belts once I realized how crazy cheap they are. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m loving the look of the belted scarf. You look adorable!

  2. I would have gotten excited about that belt too!! I found a floral belt at Plato’s closet for .50c while shopping w/ my daughters. It’s nice but not as versatile as yours! Thanks for stopping by!

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