The Fading Sparkle Nails Kelley

It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of tutorial, so I thought I would throw one out there.  This one is great because sometimes full on sparkle nails seem to be too much for a normal everyday outing with laid back outfits.  With these nails you still get that POP of sparkle, but then it quickly fades into a classic clear coat.  Perfect for a casual middle of the week pick-me-up, without being over the top 😉

Another bonus?  This tutorial uses items that you likely already have rather than fancy nail supplies that you’ve never heard of.  SCORE!

-The Fading Sparkle Nails Kelley


24 thoughts on “The Fading Sparkle Nails Kelley

  1. I’ve done this by doing TONS of layers of a clear polish with glitter in it and you end up with the fastest nail tips ever! Definitely going to try this instead!

  2. i looove glitter polish. i just bought some in gold, and cant wait to use it!
    as for substitute teaching, i have plans to get a Masters in education but before i commit to a program i wanted to test the teaching waters a bit.

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