The Jumbo Acquainted Kelley

Pants: Old Navy – Top: Forever21 Sweater: Thrifted Shoes: Thrifted – Necklace: Forever21

Yesterday I was at Goodwill and I met a lady with a rat.  She was talking to another lady and telling her that she just loved her rat so much that she couldn’t just leave him at home.  As I walked by I told her that her rat was cute (It would be rude not to right?!).  She said thank you and told me that his name is Jumbo. Seriously people, I couldn’t make this stuff up. Well, I guess I could, but I’m not.

-The Jumbo Acquainted Kelley


21 thoughts on “The Jumbo Acquainted Kelley

  1. Hahah! Ohhh Goodwill. I love that his name was Jumbo… cute! And, here’s a weird piece of information about me for ya… I used to own a rat. That’s right. Her name was Widget. I was a weird teenager and wanted a pet rat. But let me tell you, she was the sweetest little thing and they are WAY better pets than hamsters (those things bite!).

    Cute outfit, love the bun! 🙂 Happy Thursday!

  2. Let me get this straight… you met a lady who carries her rat “Jumbo” around shopping with her? I hate rats! That’s just the weirdest thing.

    xo L.

  3. OMG – that would scare me to death. I am afraid of rats. I love this casual outfit on you, you look so smart – warm and toasty! Bonus points 😉

  4. My sister had a pet rat in high school, you’d be surprised how sweet & cuddly they can be. But also they should probably stay at home and not go on shopping trips… O.o
    I’m a big fan of your ‘jumbo’ white sweater. Looks really cute with the collared shirt sticking out.

  5. I really love your shoes, and that pretty plaid top. I’ve been looking for similar pieces to both of those recently! I must ask, how was Jumbo the rat being transported around the store?

  6. first of all, I lloooove that sweater. It is just the perfect proportions. Also, you should find me on pinterest, because I’m obsessed and need more enablers 😉 my username is charityvictoria. thank you for the kind comment!

  7. I really like those shoes. They look comfortable but really pulled together.
    On another note: rats give me the heebee-geebees. I had gerbils for pets as a kid (which I’d describe as mini rats, no wonder my mom didn’t like them) but I couldn’t imagine cuddling up with a full size rat.

  8. Oh wow, a rat? In the store, shopping with her? And I though people who take their chihuahuas out are strange…haha…that’s hilarious!

    Anyhow, you look gorgeous…I love the chunky white sweater and the pretty blouse underneath. Definitely a chic/classic look I wouldn’t mind wearing more of this season:)

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