The First Photobooth Friday Kelley


I’ve been feeling like my blog doesn’t include enough fun/silliness.  Which is pretty crazy, because that’s kind of a huge part of who I am.  Being fun and silly makes me smile, and that’s truly what this whole blog started off as (“finding things that make me smile”).

When my husband and I set up an impromptu photobooth in our dining room on Halloween, it was really fun.  Way more fun than we were expecting.  So, the other day when I was telling my husband that I wanted to make my blog more fun and silly, he suggested that I just do a fun photobooth post each week.  From this, the idea of “Photobooth Friday” was born.

I’ll still be posting outfits on Fridays, just in a new fun way. In addition, I am planning on sharing one silly fact about myself to go with every Photobooth Friday post.  I think this will be a good way to celebrate Friday, and hopefully the perfect way to make this little corner of the Internet feel a little bit more Kelley-ish.

So without further ado, I give you the first Photobooth Friday.

Shorts: Thrifted – Top: Thrifted Jacket: Old Navy Tights: Target – Belt: Thrifted

When I was a little girl, I had to wear an eye-patch for a LONG time after having surgery on my left eye.  I pretty much looked like a five year old pirate.  Except that my eye patch had to be worn over my glasses, AND it had a picture of a teddy bear on it.  Arg!

-The First Photobooth Friday Kelley


28 thoughts on “The First Photobooth Friday Kelley

  1. This is great, Kelley. I love seeing a different side of you. I thought those photos from Halloween were so much fun and glad that you’ll be doing a weekly feature. These images feel dynamic, alive and spontaneous. My hubby and I had a booth set up by our wedding photographer and many of my favorite photos are from that set.

  2. I had to wear a patch too for years for my lazy eye. It was humiliating at the time, but hey it did its job. I also love this idea of doing a photobooth! Great addition to an already great blog.

    ❤ Rachel

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