The Candle Glittering Kelley

I’m on a bit of a glitter kick lately.  I’m also REALLY excited about Christmas. So I decided to take both of these things, and put them together in order to beautify our home for the Holidays.  I’m dreaming of a silver and blue Christmas this year, and this is my first craft that’s helping make sure that dream comes true.

I’m having fun combining candles with different colors, sizes, and heights.  They’re currently making a beautiful holiday centerpiece in our dining room!

Do you enjoy doing crafts during the holidays?

-The Candle Glittering Kelley


13 thoughts on “The Candle Glittering Kelley

  1. This is such a cute idea! I’m not big on ‘holiday crafts’ (there isn’t room in my apartment for things I can’t leave out all year long.) but these are so much fun! I love the tall blue ones the best.

  2. Ahhh! I need to do this! It sounds so easy and they turn out so cute! I love the tiny glitter candle, so cute. Thank you for sharing!! I laughed when I read “shake it like a polaroid” – awesome.

  3. Awesome – what a great idea! I’m totally for craftiness during the holidays (well, and year round). Thanks for the inspiration!

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