The Monogrammed Kelley

Dress: Ross – Shoes: Forever21 – Sweater: Thrifted – Necklaces: Gifts

Yesterday I decided to wear two monogram necklaces, just in case somebody couldn’t tell who I was under these wonderful layers of publicly acceptable blanket-wear.  Seriously, a maxi skirt + an oversized/cropped (sounds like an oxymoron) sweater?!  This may be the most comfortable outfit I’ve ever worn.  Which of course means I will likely be wearing it lots more.

-The Monogrammed Kelley


16 thoughts on “The Monogrammed Kelley

    • Ha, perfect for Thanksgiving DAY! I could eat all of the food I want and nobody would see my growing belly…. I may have to think of another way to change up this outfit a bit so I can wear it on Thursday 😉 Thanks for the idea!

  1. What a stunning outfit- the maxi dress is amazing and I love how you funked it up with that great sweater! Plus I’ve always wanted a monogrammed necklace-hmmm Christmas wish list perhaps?

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment on my Foxy Faux post 🙂
    Hope you find it at Target! It was on clearance for only $11.98…Double Score!!

    This outfit is so very lovely and comfy looking….love the cozy/cute sweater!


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