The Crazy String Addicted Kelley

Jeans: Forever21 – Shoes: Forever21 – Sweater: Thrifted – Top: Thrifted

***Before I say anything else, I want to apologize in advance for the fact that these two thrifted pieces will likely be showing up here LONG after everyone else is sick of seeing them.  The reason is simple.  I love them… AND they may possibly be semi-attached to my body. It’s hard to tell because I haven’t really TRIED to take them off since I got them… But It’s a pretty good bet that they’re stuck on there.

Moving on.  You see that string I have in my hands in the first photo up there?  I cut that off of one of my knitting projects and put in the pocket of the sweater a while back.  While we were taking these photos, it fell out.  So I of course picked it up off of the ground and put it back in my pocket, and looked up to see a glare of disgust on my husband’s face.

Him: “Did you just pick up something off the sidewalk and put it in your pocket?!”

Me:  “Yes”

Him: “Uuummm…?!”

Me: “It was my string. It fell out of my pocket so I just picked it up and put it back.”

Him: “Is that some kind of a nervous thing?  You just keep a string in your pocket to play with?”

My THOUGHTS:  Yes.  I’m a crazy person that must have a string in my pocket at ALL times or I start banging my head against walls.  I guess after almost five years of marriage you finally found me out?!

My Words:  Nope.

I love that silly boy to death haha!

-The Crazy String Addicted Kelley

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16 thoughts on “The Crazy String Addicted Kelley

  1. I want your cozy oversized sweater. I want it. I want it. It compliments the patterned blouse, very well. Your string story cracked me up. I’d probably do the same thing absentmindedly. When stuff falls out of my pocket, it’s very likely that I would stoop down to get it and put it back in my pocket without thinking, esp. if I’m in the middle of a photo shoot.

  2. The pattern on this shirt is SO COOL. I love the oversized sweater & the shoes as well, it all looks great together.
    I would have picked the string up too. Pretty sure I have some movie tickets from last year in the pockets of a couple jackets.

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