The Innocently Injured Kelley

Shoes: Forever21 – Tights: Target – Shorts: Thrifted – Belt: Forever21 – Top: Thrifted – Scarves: DIY and Target

Yesterday, I was shot.  Of course, I was wearing this outfit at the time, otherwise this would be completely irrelevant information.  Who was the culprit you ask?  I must say that I didn’t get the best look at her as she attacked me from behind, but she was definitely a woman in her mid-fifties.  Also, I clearly remember that she was wearing blue scrubs and her weapon of choice was a syringe full of steroidsOkay okay, so maybe I was in the doctors office AND a willing participant in the events described, but my asthma had gotten so bad that I blame my acceptance on a lack of oxygen to the brain.  At least I can breath now, but that shot hurt like it had something to prove! I’ve asked around, and apparently this is normal and I can look forward to limping around for about a week.  Oh the price I pay for the ability to breath…

Also, Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m glad I can breath now, because doing so will make it MUCH easier to wolf down on an inordinate amount of food.  I hope you have fun doing the same today 🙂

-The Innocently Injured Kelley


8 thoughts on “The Innocently Injured Kelley

  1. LOL oh those old ladies with their scrubs + steroids 😛 I had asthma when I was younger, but sorta grew out of it (yay!). I’d be super bummed if I still had it. Anywhos, what I was going to comment was that I really like how you layered two circle scarves! What a swell idea 🙂 Must. Steal. Idea. 🙂 hehe Happy thanksgiving 😀

  2. Ohhh these photos are dreamy! You look gorgeous O_O

    Owww poor you! I hope your asthma gets better soon! At least you can breathe a little better now! xxx

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you had a lovely day and am feeling 100% better. Shots are never fun…ek. I love the shorts and how you styled this whole outfit..classic, casual, chic:)

  4. You are freakin’ adorable. Not to mention hilarious! I’m so glad I discovered your blog! I hope you recover from your shot soon, poor girl. On the bright side, you look darling. I love the shorts with the tights. And that is such a cool idea to wear two different scarves! I’ve never seen it done before, but you’re a genius. I adore your shoes too, they’re precious!


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