The Classy Kelley

Socks: Target – Skirt: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted – Top: Thrifted – Sweater: Thrifted – Scarf: Thrifted

Boots: Ross (Find similar ones by clicking HERE and searching for “Y-NOT Drew”)

I wore this outfit on Saturday while shopping for living room curtains.  We have lived in our house for about 2.5 years, and we still had no curtains hanging up in our living room.  In fact, until about a year ago the only things in our living room were an old TV, a couch, and a loveseat.  Those things are all still there, but now we have some curtains to keep them company and you know, class the place up a bit.  Because while a 150 lbs 46in rear-projection TV from 1999 that you have to hit in just the right place in order for the colors to align (much like what happens here at 2 minutes… but with a TV) will definitely never be mistaken for high-end, a couple of gray curtain panels from La Target could look like these, if you squint and tilt your head a little to the left.

-The Classy Kelley


15 thoughts on “The Classy Kelley

  1. Ooh, cute outfit! I’m jealous you can wear that outside…the days just keep getting colder here! But hooray for curtains! It took us months to get curtains up in our living room too ^^

  2. Ha! Feel your I’ve been in my apartment for nearly 3 years, I have yet to hang a single curtain… Congrats on making that next step towards ‘being a responsible adult’. Love this green cardigan, it looks so warm & comfy. The scarf accents it nicely.

  3. First off, I’m so jealous that it’s warm enough where you are to wear a darling outfit like this! I’m going to have to take out my one-piece snowsuit soon (kidding!). I really love how the boots + scarf remix this outfit into a more fall appropriate piece – lovely photos 🙂

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