The Third Photobooth Friday Kelley

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another Photobooth Friday, Yippee!

Boots: Ross – Pants: Gap Tank: Target Buttondown: Forever21 – Necklaces: Forever21

The arrival of Barbie’s little sister Kelly pretty much ruined my life for a year in elementary school.  I tried to tell everyone that our names were spelled differently, but it didn’t seem to matter to them. Every time Mattel came out with something new for that stupid doll to do I heard about it, “So, do you always drink your bottle before you go night night?” “Did you eat your cereal all gone this morning?”  Naturally, THIS was this worst thing to EVER happen. I definitely dreaded having to ride the school bus after that commercial came out.

-The Third Photobooth Friday KellEy


23 thoughts on “The Third Photobooth Friday Kelley

  1. Oh my, that’s awful but I had to laugh. Kids are so mean…I was always getting teased on the bus over stupid stuff.

    Super adorable photos:) Such a fun feature!

    xx Marisa

  2. I love that story. I had a similar moment in elementary school. There was an episode of Full House where Stephanie Tanner wanted to change her name because all the kids started calling her Step-On-Me. Needless to say, when I got to school the next Monday, I had a new nickname. 😦

  3. Always love these posts…you look adorable! Also, that Kelly barbie was never my favorite. We probably would have been friends as kids then. 🙂

  4. So cute. I love the contrast between the casual plaid top and the girly, ruffles, but wearing them with the hunter green pants makes it killer. Yay for photo booth series! So. fun.

  5. Love this outfit! The pretty top and the plaid button down look perfect together. That’s so sad about the Kelly doll thing. I would have never thought to make fun of someone for that. So not nice.

    ❤ Rachel

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