The Booty Shaking Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted – Jeans: Old Navy Tank: Target Sweater: Thrifted

I’ve been going to a Zumba class in the afternoon for a while now.  It’s been so much fun, that I decided to add in some evening classes.  That was a mistake. Obviously I’m a rookie, because I didn’t know that the evening class is really nothing more than a booty shaking show for all of the men at the gym.  Seriously, picture a packed in glass room full of woman wiggling around… I should have known that the men would just stand around with their faces up against the glass as if they had never seen girls before. The worst part is that I got there late, so I ended up with a spot directly next to the door where the ogling men stand.  As I shimmied towards them, all of the dance moves I was doing suddenly felt way more awkwardly seductive than I had yet realized.

I think I’ll stick with the early afternoon class.  I prefer shaking it with woman in their 50s rather than putting on a show for men of all ages.  Unless I’m getting tips… No.  Not okay.

-The Booty Shaking Kelley

P.S.  Now that I’ve really learned some of the dance moves and I’ve started memorizing the songs in the Zumba classes I attend, I find myself, sometimes unbeknownst to me, grooving and moving at random times during the day…

It might look fun, but this can be frustrating to a poor husband who is trying to take photos!


34 thoughts on “The Booty Shaking Kelley

  1. I’ve always wanted to take a Zumba class… guess I’ll have to check out the morning/afternoon classes 😉

    You look so cute in pink! And those jeans are awesome – love how they tie.

    Happy Monday, Kelley!!

  2. My daughter’s dance studio offers Zumba classes and they look like so much fun. Great sweater and jeans. I used to have a pair of jeans exactly like yours and I loved them! They went to jeans heaven unfortunately. Great color on you 🙂 Heather

  3. Your zumba classes sound like a total blast! I wish I had more time for classes outside of work, usually I take jazz classes but the city I’m in right now they are like 400$ for 14 weeks – AHHHH! insanity! Maybe I should give zumba a try. p.s. loooove your thrifted sweater, its so cozy looking, what a great find 🙂

  4. So cute. I walk past a gym everyday that has treadmills pointed at the street. And every time I wonder if they can see me walking past staring at them walking on the treadmill. It feels very twilight zone. The point is I would NOT workout where people on the street could walk past & see me. I will do my yoga & Wii fit in the privacy of my own living room thank you very much.

    • Ha! I love the wii fit, but I think my workout benefits from me being in a room full of other people who may judge me if I decide to give up and just sit down and eat cookies instead of work out… Yea.

  5. haha! Oh my gosh, I had to laugh! I have only attempted Zumba via the dvds in my own home…and I forced my husband to leave the room because I felt so silly. Looks like you’ve got it down though! Also, I love that sweater!

    • Haha! That reminds me, I forgot to mention the most horrible part… This was the one day in MONTHS that my husband came to the gym with me. And he totally watched for a few minutes while he was using one of the weight machines right outside of the Zumba class. At first I didn’t know, but then I saw him and I just wanted to sit down right then and there and be done. Oh embarrassment.

  6. That sounds like such a blast (except for the ogling, of course). I miss dancing a ton…so next time it’s in budget to do some dance classes, I’ve got a whole list to try! Zumba…check 😉 Love this pink sweater, looks so comfy and really pretty colour for you!

    ❤ Cambria

  7. I’ve heard about Zumba fun, but have yet to try it. I have done a strip class (everyone was clothed it was basically a beyonce music video to fun music; definitely pg 13) and had the same experience. Never went back even though I love dancing I am freaked out by creepers watching me do so. 🙂

  8. I like your pink sweater. The studio at my gym only has windows to the outside, not into the rest of the gym, and thankfully nobody ever watches the classes from there.

  9. I tried Zumba once in the privacy of my own home and think that the world can thank me later- NO ONE needs to see me doing a sexy dance and sweating buckets…no one.

  10. Ugh, there is a gym by my house that is famous for its girl watching opportunities. I think we need to start blantantly objectifying men every once in a while. Just stand in front of the pench bress area and stare at their cut off t-shirts (I mean, huge biceps) until they start to feel self-conscious about a cut off t shirt.

    Anthow, I love this sweater. The color and shape are perfect for you.

  11. This sweater is so beautiful! They are offering free Zumba at my college and I considered taking it, but now I’m scared. No way will I be oogled! AHHH. But your last photo is the cutest thing.

  12. I did a zumba class once at a roller rink… it was awesome! we were just on the rink when it was closed though, no rollerskates + booty shaking unfortunately. It was really exhausting and a great work out! I haven’t been back but honestly sometimes I just put on music at home and dance for 45 minutes to an hour and it really is the best work out. No pressure, just keep moving! As long as nobody else is home…

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