The Tissue Tree Making Kelley

Christmas time brings so many opportunities for fun crafts. This means that I sit in front of my computer and drool over other people’s craftiness via Pinterest for FAR too long. So, last week I decided to mop the saliva off of my keyboard, warm up my hot glue gun, and try a craft of my own.

I’ve seen tons of fun Christmas tree crafts, and there are some great tissue tree tutorials on Pinterest, but I had yet to see one that had a Christmas tree texture. I’m from the Evergreen State, so I LOVE big billowy pine trees. And with that thought, I was off!

15 minutes later, I was ready to add this pretty tree to my holiday center piece.

-The Tissue Tree Making Kelley

P.S. Like those glitter candles? Find a tutorial for them here!


19 thoughts on “The Tissue Tree Making Kelley

  1. Oh my! Krafty Kelley is at it again! I adore this DIY – I too am a Pinterest addict ( but seriously, I can’t stop! (must be the addiction…) Now I’m off to go see your pinterest boards 🙂 yippy! *clicks heels together*

    p.s. I’m so glad you look forward to my outfit roundups – I really look forward to your photobooth sessions, they are fabulous! (and highly entertaining, woot!)

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