The Rainy Day Problem Solving Kelley

Shoes: Forever21 – Tights: Target Dress: Ross Sweater: Thrifted Shirt: Tulle Necklace: Gift (Target)

Okay folks. I know there is this misconception that it NEVER rains in the desert. Well, here is some proof that it does.  And when it rains here, it pretty much keeps going (at least on and off) all day long.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m originally from the Seattle area, so I LOVE it when it rains.  But yesterday it was slightly inconvenient as my husband was so swamped with work that there was no way I was asking him to take outfit photos for me, which meant I had to do them on my own.  In the dark, rain, and cold.  No remote.  And no model to focus my camera on except for an old rake.  Fun stuff.

Anywho, I’ve really been liking the look of button back sweaters lately.  You know, the ones like this.  However, shelling out $145 for an item of clothing is really not my thing.  I mean maybe it could be if I didn’t like eating… but I do.  So I had two choices, I could have gotten sad and starting hating the clothing I already own, or I could get creative. Sweaters with buttons?  I have lots of those!  Flip that cardigan around, and now I have buttons down my back for no dollars. My husband might look at me a little funny, but it’s better than the look he would give me if I told him I spent $145 on a sweater.  Oh, AND I can still eat tonight.  WINNING!

-The Rainy Day Problem Solving Kelley


24 thoughts on “The Rainy Day Problem Solving Kelley

  1. That’s such a good idea, wearing your cardigan backwards.. love the outfit, especially the matching tights + shirt and your fantastic braided hair! 🙂

  2. Love the improvisational way of dressing… and the button sweater reversed. Also love that you wore the camel/brown tone shoes with the black skirt and cardi. I love black and brown together so very much.

  3. I’d say that’s a total win. It’s a bummer when you can’t eat for a day 😉

    Things I love about this post:
    -back buttons
    -houndstoothy pattern
    -peter pan collar

    ❤ Cambria

    • Haha, I totally forgot that I said that on your blog! My husband thinks I’m nuts, but then I had to show him your sweater to prove the buttons down the back is a REAL thing. Silly boy. I’m cool and he doesn’t even know it 🙂

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