That Weird Neighbor Lady Kelley

Boots: Gap – Tights: Target Skirt: Thrifted (Loft)Belt: Thrifted Top: Forever21 Scarf: Gift from Mother In Law

Yesterday, while my husband and I were taking these photos, a little girl popped out of her front door, walked down the street, and started watching us. How bored was she? She couldn’t find anything to do that was better than watching me awkwardly pose in the same positions that I use for EVERY outfit post? Well little nine-year old neighbor girl, you better start to Tivo episodes of Phineas and Ferb now, because in a few short days it will be winter break, and you will have HOURS upon HOURS of free time… and staring at the weird lady across the street will likely only fill 15 minutes a day at the most…
-That Weird Neighbor Lady Kelley


15 thoughts on “That Weird Neighbor Lady Kelley

  1. Oh, the secret shame of the fashion blogger – taking the photos. I feel you! But I love the black, white and mustard. One of my favorite color combinations and it looks wonderful on you!

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