The Insomniac Kelley

Hey guuuuuys!  If you follow me on Twitter you may know that I was up until 3:30 AM this morning.  Why?  Simply because sleep would not come, so matter how many blessings or sheep I counted.  And last time I tried to dance myself to sleep my husband was not really pleased… So, naturally I turned to my blog for entertainment.  Hence those GIANT buttons on the right sidebar.  For you dear RSS readers, they look like this:

I think they’re pretty self explanatory, but if not here’s my explanation:  “They’re buttons… that take you to the place written on them… but MY place of that place…”  So yea, if you want to follow me on Twitter or Pinterest, click on over.  Oh, but keep in mind, I made these and put them on the blog at 3 AM.  So, if they randomly link up to Youtube videos of cats singing Christmas carols, just ignore that.  It will be fixed shortly.

-The Insomniac Kelley


16 thoughts on “The Insomniac Kelley

  1. they’re cute! at least you’re being productive in your insomniac state. i usually just start counting down the hours until i have to wake up which doesn’t help at all!

    • Yea I was doing that too. Then I though, “Okay, I can lay here and be not sleepy for the next few hours and do NOTHING. OR I can get up and not be sleepy for the next few hours and gets some stuff done.”

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