The Fifth Photobooth Friday Kelley

Are you ready for this?!  Photobooth Friday time!

Shoes: Forever21 – Jeans: Thrifted (Americans Eagle) – Belt: Thrifted Top: Forever21  Sweater: Thrifted Scarf: Gift from Mother In Law

A few things Kelley is NOT very good at:

1.  Touching her nose with her tongue

2. Patting her head whilst rubbing her belly

One thing Kelley IS good at because of a strange obsession with rap music and dancing like a gangster around the age of 8…

1. THIS.

Maybe one day she’ll show you… AKA NEVER!

-The Fifth Photobooth Friday Kelley

P.S. Kelley is also pretty good at speaking in the third person.  In fact, she’s a pro!


19 thoughts on “The Fifth Photobooth Friday Kelley

  1. OMGGGGG Kelley, these posts are amazing! I really love how goofy you are in them – such a fun post 🙂 And don’t worry, I totally can’t do the patting head and rubbing belly thing either….but sista, I can dance! We should have a danceoff sometimes. Not sure how, but someday! haha Peace.

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