The Bookshelf-less Kelley

Shoes: Target – Pants: Forever21 – Undershirt: Target – Sweater: Thrifted  – Cowl: DIY

Want to hear the story of my Friday (the day I wore this outfit)? My husband and I wanted to buy bookshelves for our living room… Okay, you caught me. I wanted to buy bookshelves and my husband agreed after a bit of pleading. Anyway, we measured our trunk to see what how big it was and what kind of box we could fit, and then we drove to 45 minutes to Ikea to pick out a bookshelf. After walking around the store, we found two shelves that we really liked, but one of them (the one that was half the price) was our clear favorite. We went down to the warehouse area to grab the boxes and checkout, and they were sold out of our favorite bookshelf. Sad day, BUT we still had the second favorite. So, we walked down the isle to go grab the SECOND favorite bookshelf, and the box was WAY too huge to fit in our trunk… Super sad day. Time for a 45 minute drive home with NO bookshelves… You thought there was going to be a happy ending huh? Okay, on the way home I DID get to eat at Rainforest Cafe where my husband and I watched a Dory looking fish swim around in circles for an hour… So there was that.

-The Bookshelf-less Kelley

P.S.  The break dancing thing?  I love you all… but still… NEVER! 🙂


15 thoughts on “The Bookshelf-less Kelley

  1. Ugh, I desperately need a bookshelf too–currently have stacks of books piled around our bed 😀 I have two already, but I’ve got this horrible weakness for books. I refuse to go to therapy, so they just keep accumulating somehow 😀

    Love your bright sweater, so cheerful!

    ❤ Cambria

  2. Awww noooo 😦 That is a sad bookshelf story! I recently bought a bookcase/shelf/thingy from Ikea and love it….but I went by myself and somehow managed to get it in and out of my car – and man, it was heavvvvy! So its probably for the best that the larger one wouldn’t fit – cause they are so awkward. Hope you get your first choice soon – I bet it will be restocked soon 😀

    p.s. loooove the bun!

  3. I really like the shape of your sweater. So comfy.

    We don’t have bookshelves so we stack our books on the windowsills. It works well and I feel more inspired to read them. Though sometimes I can’t decide between cyber drooling over blogs and pinterest or the real classics that will not turn my brain to mush. What a decision eh?

  4. Love the black/white and red layering combo! Did you consider taking the pieces out of the box? I’ve had to resort to that method on many an Ikea trip. It sucks having to carry all the pieces, but you can sometimes cram it all into your car that way!

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