The Late Night Liger Loathing Kelley

Shoes: Forever21 – Tights: Target – Dress: Forever21 – Undershirt: Tulle – Sweater: Forever21

Here’s a little glimpse into my life with my husband:

Time: Around 12 Midnight

Place: Laying in bed


Kelley:  No, two different species CAN’T mate… well, I guess they can sometimes. But if they do their offspring is completely sterile and THEY can’t mate!

Husband:  What about the Liger?

Kelley:  Fictional animals made up for Napoleon Dynamite don’t count in this conversation.

Husband:  **Rolls over, grabs iphone, looks up ligers on Wikipedia, and proves their existence.**

Kelley:  Well then, they must be sterile because lions and tigers are different species.

Husband:  **Does a google search and finds that ligers can in fact mate.**

Kelley:  UGH!

Moral:  Either the definition of a species is flawed, or we need to get our butts moving in the whole re-categorizing lions and tigers area, because ligers are making me look stupid… Oh, and Midnight is for sleeping, because this conversation was too weird.

-The Late Night Liger Loathing Kelley


15 thoughts on “The Late Night Liger Loathing Kelley

  1. Teehee. I’ve had really really similarly dumb midnight conversations. (Also, just to give your husband more ammo when you breed a horse and a donkey you get a mule. Of which only the males are sterile.)

  2. Based on my own life experience I was thinking this post would be about how you were in bed late at night waiting for your husband to come help keep the bed warm but instead he was staying up watching Napoleon Dynamite for the hundredth time. Even worse, he is actually in bed watching Napoleon Dynamite as you try to fall asleep but can’t because you keep hearing the lines and laughing even though you are trying to pretend you are not because really you just want to turn it off and go to bed.

    But now I see this is completely different scenario that would lead you to hating Ligers. I do wonder how this whole conversation got started to begin with…!

  3. I love these two colors paired together. Typically not two colors that I would think to pair, but it looks really great. Your shoes are really great too. Oh golly, I haven’t thought about Napoleon Dynamite in years. Now I must go watch.

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