The Oxford Mourning Kelley

Remember this rainy day post from last week?  After one day of wearing that outfit, I realized that it was time to stop putting off the sad, yet inevitable truth… I need new oxfords.

Normally, feet would not get this wet in the rain while wearing shoes… However, the soles of my oxfords looked like this that day:

And they’re already getting much much worse with continued wearing.

So, want to help me pick some new ones?  I’ve chosen a few different pairs, but I just can’t decide which ones are best.

1.  Forever21 Leatherette Wingtips: I’m a creature of habit, and I REALLY like my current oxfords.  So, these are JUST like my current ones… but with thicker soles 😉

2. Miss Me Oxford:  This pair seems like a slightly more girly version of the oxford.  While I really like this change, I do worry a bit that it won’t be QUITE a versatile.

3. Tassel Oxfords from LuLu’s:  These ones are obviously much more expensive, and I think more than I have ever paid for a pair of shoes.  However, I think it’s quite obvious that I wear oxfords pretty much ALL of the time.  This means I’m pretty sure investing in a higher quality pair isn’t the worst idea in the world.

Go ahead and vote for your favorite one below:

Now, please excuse me while I go mourn the loss of my ever so loved current pair of oxfords…

-The Oxford Mourning Kelley


11 thoughts on “The Oxford Mourning Kelley

  1. these are all great. I remember when it felt difficult to find a cute pair of oxfords new in stores. It seems like they are EVERY WHERE in the past year. Am I crazy and the only one who could never find them? I remember being really excited when I finally found a pair of rockports in my size at salvation army.

  2. If you really love your oxfords, you should think about having them re-soled. I’ve had my local cobbler re-sole a couple pair of my shoes and it was well worth it. It cost less than buying new ones and I didn’t have to worry about breaking new shoes in. Just an idea…

  3. Of course….I like the most expensive pair. I blame my mom for my stupidly expensive taste. But pair number 1 is SUPER cute too, you know, if you want to have money for dinner all month 🙂

    P.S. I’ve definitely spent more than that on shoes…so definitely don’t feel guilty about splurging 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Oh noooo! I hate it when a pair of shoes has to leave us for Shoe Heaven (seriously, it exists!) I really love #2 but lets face it, I really think you should get ALL THREE mwahahahaha. I maaay be a shopaholic, but we already knew that, right? Thank you for the birthday wishes gal! I had a great time with my favorite friends 😀

    If I don’t talk to you before the big day – MERRY CHRISTMAS! (and may Santy bring you LOTS O SHOES) ❤

  5. First I selected the thrid pair, THEN saw they were considerably more expensive… I think they will be great on you, much better than the other two….

  6. So, now it’s official. YOUR sister in Washington,,follows your FASHION BLOG!~ SHE just used her holiday gift cards shopping for OXFORDS and A SCARF because your so uber cool!~ Well, she found the oxfords on clearence for 16.50…. Didn’t fond a scarf she wanted yet!` Thought I
    d share lol

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