The Sixth Photobooth Friday Kelley

Sorry for the late post, but today was Skype Christmas with my husband’s family.  It’s his first time not being home for Christmas, so we sat around, chatted, and opened presents together via the Internet 🙂

Anywho, better late than never… Here’s Photobooth Friday!

Boots: Thrifted – Pants: Forever21 Top: Thrifted Scarf: Gift – Nutcracker: Gift

I was a well rounded child.  Besides shoelaces, I also collected nutcrackers.  I got one every year for Christmas.  However, many of them were lost in the great Walnut Massacre of the Mid-Nineties… My little sister thought it would be fun to try to crack nuts with my friends, who are not so aptly named.  They didn’t stand a chance.

-The Sixth Photobooth Friday Kelley

P.S.  For all of my Christmas celebrating friends,  have a very merry Christmas this weekend!!!


14 thoughts on “The Sixth Photobooth Friday Kelley

  1. Merry Christmas!! How nice that you and your husband got to have a Skype Christmas with his family, that’s so sweet 🙂 Fun photos as always. Have a fabulous holiday weekend!! 🙂

  2. Haha, I collected Nutcrackers too! I don’t even think I knew what they were, I just thought it would be cool to have some of them. I only ended up with 3 and then got sick of them.

    Cute outfit and pictures!

  3. Wow…I’m really impressed with how high up you can get your leg…that’s an amazing yoga pose. If you don’t do yoga….maybe you should think about starting 🙂 And, love this outfit…what a great scarf!

    The Other Side of Gray

    • Haha! I took yoga a few times… but with weird rhythmic breathing they have you do gave me the hiccups. So at the end of the class while you were supposed to be laying on the ground, relaxing, I was making awkward and distracting sounds and I tried to keep my hiccups in. So yea, Wii Fit yoga for me 🙂

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