The Black Velvet Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted – Tights: Target Dress: Thrifted Belt: Charlotte Russe – Bracelet: Gift Necklace: Forever21

I wore this outfit twice last week.  Once to a Christmas party with friends, and the second time for my family Christmas Eve dinner.  The day before the Christmas party I had a, “I have NOTHING to wear” panic. So, naturally, I headed to my nearest Goodwill and scanned every single rack.  This velvet beauty was found in the EXTRA large dress section hidden between a denim muumuu and a floor length terry cloth gown.

I grabbed it (this velvet dress, NOT the terry cloth one), stared in awe at the $5 price tag, ran to the shoe section, found this pair of matching velvet loafers for less than $5, did a little dance, and decided to leave right away before my luck started changing.  Goodwill guys, it’s seriously the best ever!

-The Black Velvet Kelley

Sweet Serendipity


35 thoughts on “The Black Velvet Kelley

  1. I feel like you should get some kind of award for thrifting this adorable outfit at the last-minute! I call myself the Thrift Whisperer, but you’re giving me a run for my money.

  2. I’m quite impressed by your find…and know what’s it’s like to exhaust your wrist tendons by pushing through those XL terry-cloth and denim disasters 😀 Love the fit of this dress on you, it’s UBER flattering and oh-so holiday! You look great! Where did you find that necklace? It looks like winter sea coral and I’m totally in love.

    ❤ Cambria

  3. oh man, finding cute things for that price is the best feeling! I love the way velvet looks, but unfortunately the feel of it gives me goosebumps…like nails on a chalkboard. So weird! But I love the way it looks, so thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. 😉

    • I totally understand. I have that SAME problem with a few materials, and I wouldn’t wear them if my life depended on it. When I wore this dress to the party though, my friends one-year-old LOVED the material! She kept petting my sleeves all night haha.

  4. Ok for real, you have the best thrifting luck! But seriously, this might be the first velvet dress outfit that I’ve fallen in love with. It looks amazing on you!

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