The Forty-Year-Old Kelley

Boots: Ross Jeans: Thrifted (Guess) Top: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted Necklaces: Gift/Forever21

So yesterday, I’m walking around the mall with my sisters, wearing this outfit, when a woman in her late 40s with two teenage sons walks by wearing almost the exact same top as me. I look at my younger sister, she looks a me, and I shrug my shoulders. Oh well, I officially will never EVER dress my age. I may look like a woman with 2 teenage sons now, but give me 20 years, and I’ll be wearing some apple bottom jeans and those boots with da fuuuur!

-The Forty-Year-Old Kelley


17 thoughts on “The Forty-Year-Old Kelley

  1. I wonder if that’s how girls feel when they see me in the mall with my teenager? Mental note–no more going to the mall with my teenager. This will probably make him happy! He hates the mall.

    I think you look super cute–as usual!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I really love your jeans here. I’ve been shopping around for the best pair of wide legs but I’m such a shorty they are always to long and I never want my jeans hemmed it always takes away character (I think)

    Very cute outfit.

  3. This happened to me once at school. But it was matching cropped cardigans. I was a bit embarrassed but I don’t know if anyone noticed except for me.

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