The Christmas Tree Mourning Kelley

Boots: Ross Socks: Target Dress: Forever21 Sweater: Forever21 Shirt: Target

Yesterday my husband and I went for a walk, and we happened by the most horrible place on earth.

A massive Christmas Tree grave! Feet and feet of trees upon trees. Branches tangle, trunks mangled and intertwined, sap spilling out everywhere. It was our neighborhood holiday tree drop off point… AKA the place where Christmas goes to die. I hope you never have to witness such a thing. On a happier note, who knew the death of Christmas could smell so good? Like a pine tree forest in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

-The Christmas Tree Mourning Kelley


24 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree Mourning Kelley

  1. Oh Christmas Treeeee Oh Christmas Treeeee We hate to seee you leave us!`
    Your bettter offf right in the dirtttt…..Then we can goo and see youuu.
    Livvving in the forest all so greennnnn and all so lovley and pristine ooooo Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Treeeeeee Kelley needs to move Back to WASHINGTOnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  2. Oh, that is so sad:( We have a fake tree for that exact reason. I cannot handle looking at all the trees on the curb at the end of the holiday season.

    Love the plaid and the boots are terrific as well.

    ~ Julie

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