The Resolution Considering Kelley

Boots: Ross – Pants: H&M – Top: Thrifted – Sweater: Old Navy – Belt: Thrifted

So, I went to the gym at 10:30 AM the other day (Yea for making your own hours! And for going to the gym… sometimes…) and it was packed! I’m not talking 10:30 packed, I’m talking the everyone just got out of work and headed to the gym at 6:30 PM, good luck finding a parking spot rush, kind of packed. Then I remembered something. It was January 2nd. Likely the most popular gym day of the year.

Let’s be truthful, everyone makes their resolutions on New Year’s Eve, nurses their heads and bellies on January first, and if they’re ever really going to start ACTING on their resolutions, they start on the second. So, to all my new friends at the gym, I say good luck with those resolutions! Although, while I’m totally rooting for my new friends, I’m also secretly wondering when I’m going to be able to show up during random times of the day and find a parking spot and a free treadmill again… What do you think? February? That’s about the time I break all of my resolutions…

-The Resolution Considering Kelley


22 thoughts on “The Resolution Considering Kelley

  1. Love these colors together – those stripes are lovely 🙂

    I HATE how the gym gets crowded in January. All these randoms start flooding our tiny apartment gym. I guess I just have to wait the week or two for it to die down…

  2. At my regular yoga class last night there were 45 people when usually there are like 15. I made like 30 goals this year, but I have a lot of things I’ve been wanting to do and have been putting off. I have a whole year to do them all, right?

    Cute shirt!!!

  3. This combo is adorable!! I love the stripes and dots and the colors, too!

    I totally hear you. I went to the gym on my lunch break and it was very usually crowded!

  4. Lovely Colour/Pattern – Combination – and the fourth photo of you is especially pretty!
    I expected my gym to be crowded yesterday, but there weren’t that many others – yay 🙂

  5. I love your boots and the color combination 🙂 Pretty photos! Haha, yep the gym is always so crowded in January. I’m heading to a fitness class this evening, so we’ll see how that goes.

  6. I love the polka dots. I didn’t even make a resolution but I started doing Yoga at home again on Jan 2nd anyway. I’d give them until mid January, I don’t think I even last a month with the ‘new years’ resolution things. Hope you can find a parking spot tonight. 🙂

  7. I know what you mean – there were six new people in my class at the gym today. I hope they all stay! And seriously, have you noticed the forceful amount of weight-loss ads of teevee right now? Every other commercial…

    PS – Pretty photos!

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