The Miracle on Goodwill Ave Witness Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted (Bass) – Tights: Target – Dress: Thrifted – Shirt: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted

Okay friends, I swear that I had EVERY intention of buying a pair of oxfords from this post.  You were all so great about helping me out, so THANK YOU for that!  However, while I was figuring out which oxfords to buy, I wasn’t planning on a miracle happening.  Seriously, a REAL life miracle.  This pair (bottom row, second from the left) of $79 Bass classics, in my size AND looking brand new as far as I can tell, ended up at my local Goodwill with a price tag of $2.99.  Not even kidding!

I’ve been drooling over every pair of Bass shoes I’ve seen lately.  So when I saw these, I politely wiped the spittle from my chin, looked around to make sure I wasn’t being recorded for some kind of cruel joke that would later go viral on Youtube, nodded in agreement as the cashier commented on their cuteness and wonderful condition (I dared not tell her that I knew what a great deal this was, in case she decided to change her mind or up the price… I mean my shoes were in HER hands at this point), drove home (perhaps too quickly), and showed them to my husband while ALSO showing him the retail price online.

And guys, it’s official.  I think this is the FIRST thrifted find that my husband is actually proud of.  When I wear them and get compliments, he says, “Tell them the story about them and how much they cost!” I don’t know if it’s just relief that now I don’t need the $77 tassel oxfords I was leaning towards (seriously though, the MINUTE those bad boys go on sale I swear…), or if he too knows that we witnessed a miracle that day…

-The Miracle on Goodwill Ave Witness Kelley


34 thoughts on “The Miracle on Goodwill Ave Witness Kelley

  1. That is the MOST AMAZING story ever! I firmly believe that if you are patient the thrifting Gods will pay out with gracious appreciation. I adore those shoes!


  2. How cute are you! What a great find. I love saddle oxfords, and have been drooling over a pair that are way out of my price range. Think miracles can happen twice? Off to Goodwill to find out!

  3. Oh wow!! Awesome find! THIS is why I thrift! I was lusting after a hot pink pencil skirt online for a while, and RIGHT before I gave in and spent $60 on it, I found one in my size/perfect condition at Goodwill. I wanted to cry.

  4. Wow! That is seriously awesome!! 🙂 I love your key blouse and that dress. Just realized that pretty much your whole outfit is thrifted – how great!! You looks so lovely 🙂

  5. That’s so fantastic! I just thought your thrifted shirt was awesome, but the story about the shoes is even better! They look great! And now you can buy ANOTHER pair of shoes with the money you were planning to spend on these 😉

  6. Kelley girl these are SO adorable!!! UM,,, btw,, when I was expecting with you, I had a navy blue and off white pair just like this!!!! lol… I LOVE saddle shoes! AND the key shirt is way to cute!` Bri’s gonna be so mad lol

  7. i absolutely love it. that is why i love thrifting so much!! and it makes you wonder how other people aren’t in on the secret! 🙂 and i have to say, that is the cutest blouse i have seen in a really long time!

  8. Those oxfords look *so good* on you – awesome find! The thrift store fairy waved her wand in my direction recently as well – I found a great pair of Bass heels for only $3.99! I think their shoes are so well made!

  9. This is the craziest, funniest, most relate-able and wonderful shoe story I have ever heard! I love the whole look (namely the key printed top and the shoes)! Celebrate in your victory!

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