The Eighth Fancy Casual Kelley

+ Swap the tights for socks – Lose the blazer + Swap the silk blouse for a long sleeved cotton tee = 3 Moves from fancy to casual

-The Eighth Fancy Casual Kelley

P.S. For more info on the story behind Fancy Casual check out the this post.  Also, if you’d like to see the original post for this particular “Fancy” outfit, it’s right here.


16 thoughts on “The Eighth Fancy Casual Kelley

    • Thanks! I’d been wanting a gray color for a while and this FINALLY went on sale a few weeks ago at Walgreens. (Yea for free nail polish when putting together sales and coupons!! Can you tell I’m super cheap? Haha!) It’s Revlon Top Speed and the shade is “hazy” # 810. LOVE it!

    • Haha! It’s a bit better in person too, because while you can’t really tell in the photos, the stripes on this shirt are actually orange. That ALWAYS makes me feel a bit better about pairing it with green 🙂

  1. I have been meaning to say so, but I really love this series. Anything that helps women to realize the full potential of their closet is a definite plus, especially for a woman that is banned from shopping currently *points to self*. Love this olive pencil skirt and it looks great both ways!

    • Oh thank you so much! That’s totally what this series is all about. Really, it reminds ME of the potential already waiting in my closet, so if I can help inspire any other women to re-mix what they have, that’s like EXTRA bonus points 🙂

  2. Fancy Casual is such a good idea! I usually have to head straight to work after class and I have to be really dressed up at work, so I’m usually going from Casual to Fancy but I always am trying to plan it out with as few moves as possible! I can’t wait to go back and read these posts for some great inspiration!

  3. You are too cute! Love your photobooth Friday posts too. My husband and I always have a DIY photobooth at our annual party, which happens to be this weekend. I’ll have to borrow some of your fun poses, haha!

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