The Potato Pining Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted (Bass) – Tights: Target Dress: Thrifted Sweater: Forever21 Belt: Thrifted Necklace: Thrifted

Hey there gang! Did you guys miss me as much as I missed you? Probably not, because I missed you more than I miss third grade baked potato day in my elementary school cafeteria/gym (and the metabolism that went with it). Wait, no. That’s a lie, and I promised that I would never lie to you (that’s a lie too… but I NOW promise that I will never lie to you). Those baked potatoes are like numero uno on the list of things that I miss. But YOU guys, you’re number two. Which is REALLY saying something. I mean come on, you’re above brand new episodes of “Ah!!! Real Monsters” and newly released *NSYNC songs. So, take that and be proud.

-The Potato Pining Kelley

P.S.  I was gone for a while because I was attacked by a tomato.  You can still see a few of the marks on my lips.  For reals guys, for reals.


31 thoughts on “The Potato Pining Kelley

    • Ha! THAT may be the funniest thing I have ever read. My hair is thin and WAY crazy at all times. Perhaps there is some strange photographic magic going on here. But thanks all the same 😉

    • You’re so sweet! I really have no good excuse for skipping out on reading other people’s posts except that I felt bad not contributing and still enjoying other people’s blogs, so I went completely dark for a week. But I’m glad to be back here and back to my favorite reads (like yours). 🙂

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