The Tomato HATING Kelley

Shoes: Thrifted – Skirt: Thrifted Top: Forever21 Necklace: Thrifted

So, remember back when I said I was attacked by a tomato? I was being 100% serious.  I’m allergic to tomatoes, but only the raw kind (enter some such nonsense about proteins or enzymes that break down when they’re cooked), so when I went out for Italian and ordered something that had tomatoes in it, I ate it… a lot of it.  Those little red monsters looked like they had been cooked, but I guess I was wrong.

Early the next morning I woke up with an all too familiar feeling of itchy tingling lips, then they started to swell, then the fun part came when my whole top lip blistered over… Yeah, when I go out in public looking like that I feel the sudden urge to scream, “I do NOT have leprosy!”  Somehow, I decided that, no matter how much better screaming said words may make me feel, shouting random words (including leprosy) in pubic would not make me look any better than a nasty face.  So, I stayed in my house and didn’t leave for about a week.

To summarize, I hate tomatoes, they hate me, I DON’T have leprosy, and I would make a very good hermit.

-The Tomato HATING Kelley


29 thoughts on “The Tomato HATING Kelley

  1. Oh, I am so sorry! That is really terrible.

    This outfit is so cute! I love how you styled it and mixed the t-shirt with the skirt. Really cute.


  2. I’m thankful that I don’t have any food allergy. I used to be allergic to latex when I was little though, and we didn’t have latex-free Band-Aids back then, so it was a pain whenever I cut myself… which was a lot. I was a very clumsy child.

    Love the graphic tee with the skirt and loafers. Very cute.

  3. Ohhhh nooooo! Tomato-induced-leprosy! I feel your pain tho – what a terrible reaction….actually your description kinda reminds me of getting cold sores 😦 I know what you mean about odd allergies. I’m allergic to coconut – which everyone seems to put in EVERYTHING! Is coconut really necessary people? Imma say no.

    Good luck with fighting off more tomatos in the future!

  4. maybe b4 u eat them benadryl? BUT, if it caused swelling,,,, u may need to be really careful,, you don’t need to have tongue swelling!!!

    ok,, BESIDES that,, I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!!!!

  5. Ugh that is the worst. I’m not a big fan of tomatoes but I like them even less when I know the little bastards are sneaking into your food to try & poison you.

  6. Aw that sounds awful! I’m so glad you’ve recovered. I think I’d make a good hermit too. Although I might miss going outside for walks.

    I really love your skirt! Cute outfit – I like the way you paired a more casual shirt with a fitted skirt 🙂

  7. Aw, I’m sorry!!! That stinks, especially since I love raw tomatoes!! I’m allergic to olives, but not olive oil… which is weird. I break out in hives and spend quite a long time in the bathroom if I eat them… blah.

  8. I throw up about half an hour after eating any raw tomato. (Somehow the words, “NO TOMATO!” seem to hard to hear in a restaurant.) But, I can eat them cooked in sauces & soups just fine, unless I eat some for several days in a row. Then I get hives.
    I have asthma, and smoke is a trigger. Even the exposure to the stench clinging to a smoker can trigger an attack, so for the last 15 years or so, I have been taking a 24-hour antihistamine every day, and add a daily Singulair during the spring pollen season. I have discovered a bonus from doing that: If stung by a wasp or bee, I no longer have a “large reaction,” but one more closely resembling normal. I haven’t had any reactions to tomatoes, either, but I can’t be sure that’s because of the meds, or just that I’ve learned to be more careful. If your doctor OKs it, you might consider taking Claritin, or some such non-drowsy antihistamine, every day as “allergy armor,” too. (But still carry your epi-pen. Once in a while I still need to reach for my inhaler, usually because of being trapped too near a stinky smoker.)

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