The Hopping Kelley

My husband and I had a jumping contest (because we’re THAT cool). AND, because we’re both stubborn and biased towards our own jumping styles, we each think that it is indeed our own self that has the sweetest moves (I’m not really biased, I just KNOW I have the sweetest moves). So, I decided I would let you guys be the judge.  Who’s the prime jumper in this marriage?


-The Hopping Kelley


29 thoughts on “The Hopping Kelley

  1. You’re so funny. And I don’t know if it was a Freudian slip or not, but in the poll you listed yourself as the “hoping” wife. Hoping you’ll win, right?

  2. No contest, you win hands down…..

    (I have just a tiny suspicion that this may somehow be related to the picture selection made by the blog author…)

  3. This is awesome! Your husband jumps a little like a bunny rabbit, haha. And the height you get out of your jumps is crazy!!! I am seriously amazed. I get about one inch off the ground when I jump, haha.

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